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Featured Indiana Project

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by DavidC, May 9, 2020.

  1. I'm currently rescuing an '87 Indiana 650, it was beyond restoration as it was heavily corroded and the chrome plating was partially off the engine casings.
    I've attached a before and current status.
    I'm looking for advice on a couple of things :-

    1. What does anyone think of these
    2. What oil quantity should I fit to the forks- they are standard with new seals- I forgot or lost the oil quantity on the way out.
    3. Does anyone have a wiring diagram, as the electrics are completely butchered


    David C

    Indiana 87.jpg

    Seat 2 (2).jpg
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  2. BTW I also have ordered an 8" Head lamp and the attached seat

    seat 3.jpg
  3. I can't help with your requests David but that is a damn sight nicer in the new paint job and with the different seat, looks cool now and I didn't like their look before, just shows what a bit of imagination can do :upyeah:
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  4. i cant help either. they were a pretty hideous thing, but as WCP says, it looks vastly better already.
    it could actually look quit cool and certainly unique when finished. good luck and keep the pics coming. :upyeah::upyeah:
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  5. Agreed, a huge improvement. The Indiana's were seriously ugly.
    I would think that the wiring would be very similar to the Pantahs. I have a 500SL colour diagram of it's any good to you.
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  6. Thanks Folks,
    I managed to find a schematic for a modified rectifier installation, which shows most of what I need.
    My next move is to fit an AceWell speedo and rewire all to suit.
    I have painted the engine and put it back together c/w new belts, tensioner bearings etc
    Next time I'm in the workshop I'll load up a couple of close ups

    Color ducati diagram.jpg
  7. Good you've got the wiring diagram. I see that it is indeed very similar to the Pantah.
  8. Might see you in west Cork after the lock down.
    I spend a lot of time near Skibereen
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  9. Haha, you've turned the ugliest thing into a Scrambler looky-likey. Looks great:upyeah:
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  10. Sure, just give me a shout:upyeah:
  11. latest build incl exhaust headers and frame back together



    RHS Engine.jpg
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  12. I decided to go with an SS750 rear hugger (to be modified) a tracker type flat seat and I've made an under tray for the area over the wheel. I also polished the swing arm. The seat and hugger will be with me in a few weeks- so I can't really build up the rear much further.
    Next is to re-wire and get the brakes and clutch hydraulically finished and give it a start

    Under tray top.jpg

    Under tray btm.jpg

    LHS rear.jpg

    RHS SA.jpg
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  13. Have wrapped the rear exhaust and fitted the heat proof battery box base. I think I'll make up a heat shield for the compartment, as the rear cylinder is now facing the area that will house the battery. This would have been protected by the air box in the past.

    Battery tray + wrap.jpg

    Exhaust wrap + breather.jpg
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  14. Hi David
    Here is a wiring diagram. Have fun.


  15. Have fitted a heat guard to help keep the battery tray cool

    Battery tray + wrap.jpg

    BAttery tray.jpg
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  16. Thanks for that, I've printed it out for clarity.
    Don't suppose you have the oil quantity for the forks?
    thanks again

    David C
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