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Indicators On Both Sides Flashing At The Same Time (s4r)

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Zhed46, Jul 11, 2020.

  1. I fitted some new indicators to my S4R (2004) yesterday and after I wired the front ones in, turning on the RHS also activates the LHS, albeit they flash much less brightly, and vice versa.

    Any ideas? Please keep any explanations simple, because I am also simple and tbh I view electricians and their craft with the same sense of awe and reverence as the ancients did with druids or witchcraft.

    I took a short vid - I’ll see if I can appease the Gods long enough to get it to upload (EDIT - I can’t, lol)

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  2. Normally associated with a poor ground connection
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  3. No idea. Electrickery... :astonished:

    Loop checking required. But you’ll need a multimeter and 10 minutes tuition on YouTube. Good luck.
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  4. What he said.
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  5. I had this a few years ago when I put led indicators on my little Honda, I had to fit a diode into the system as the led's didn't have enough power for the flasher unit to work properly.
    This might help.
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  6. I thought you drove a Beamer @Zhed46. How did you find out they weren’t working?
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  7. Pictures of the old and new indicators might help.

    If the old ones got their earth from the mounting brackets perhaps the new ones don’t ?
  8. Does the S4R have CANBUS electrics ?

    ...just a thought
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  9. Upload it to YouTube then put a link up.
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  10. A quick google (why didn’t I think of that first?) reveals that I need to make or buy a diode. I’ve not got time to do that this morning as I’m taking my youngest to look at and hopefully buy his first geared bike (MT125), so I fitted some other LED indicators to the front and it’s not doing it anymore even though I still have the new tiny button LED ones fitted at the rear. They’re horrible nasty fake carbon fibre Oxford items I had lying around, but anything better than the daft looking Donkey’s ears items that Ducati blighted the bike with as OE fitment.

    Thanks for the help/advice :upyeah:
  11. As luck would have it your wires are purple and black

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  12. I think it means you can park anywhere...
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  13. flashing orange - ok-ish :upyeah:- blue, even better. ;)
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  14. Did you top up your indicator fluid to the correct level?
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  15. I come across this all the time from people who have fitted LED indicators. The reason is simple.
    The tell-tale warning light in the dash is usually a small 1.2W bulb wired across the left and right indicator circuits. So when one side is lit, say the left, then current also flows through the warning light bulb and to earth through the bulbs on the other side. Since the warning light is a small wattage with a relatively high resistance compared to the indicator bulbs it doesn't pass enough current through it to light them up.
    However LEDs need a far smaller current and the current through the warning light is plenty to make them light up. The result is that all 4 flasher light up simultaneously.
    The answer for most bikes is to fit 2 diodes, one from each side to a single warning light bulb that is earthed or fit 2 separate warning lights, one for each side.
    But the S4R indicators are driven directly from the dash so I'm not sure what's going on there. It could be that the replacement indicators draw less current than the dash is expecting causing the weird behaviour. You could try wiring a resistor into each side between an indicator supply and earth.
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  16. Problem solved(ish). The indicators I fitted were tiny button thingies and while I had 2 fitted plus 2 OE, everything was fine, though they were flashing in double time as LEDs do.

    It was only when I removed the OE fronts and all 4 button LEDs were fitted that this happened.

    However when I fit 2 Oxford LED “arrow” indicators and 2 LED button indicators, everything works and the indicators flash at the correct speed.


    Thanks everyone
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  17. I used to have Beemers but I’ve been in a 911 for about 3 years now. It’s funny you mention it though as one of the reasons I switched marques was the wankerish behaviour displayed by many BMW drivers. Audi drivers now seem to have caught up and overtaken them these days though.
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  18. Good. It seems then that although the S4R indicators are direct from the dash, the internal circuit in the dash must follow conventional indicator wiring with the warning lamp being a bulb wired across the left and right circuits.
    The Oxford indicators must have built in resistors so that they draw the same current as a bulb. These would provide a path for the current through warning light and prevent the non-operating side flashing at the same time as the selected side.
    For anyone who is interested.
    This is a conventional indicator circuit -
    Indicator wiring_Std.jpg
    and this is one solution for using LEDS -
    LED Indicator wiring1.jpg
    The warning lamp can be a LED or a conventional bulb.
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  19. Looks like you're all sorted .....
    ...... just need a good manicure now ..... :p :):)
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