Indy Ref 2...oh No It's Not!

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  1. To be honest fin if I had been taking the piss rather than informative, I would have added the staged stunt of the snp walking out of parliament to the Benny Hill theme tune and put it on you tube.
  2. should i be surprised?. anyway, sometimes you gorra do what you gorra do to get things done.
    The power grab which was bring largely ignored in the media is the big story of the day now. Also making the news around the world. Back home SNP report a thousand new members today. Looks to have been both popular and effective.
    all, good, so,please noob an co, just keep doing what you do best :upyeah:.
  3. Be honest though fin, still, how many weeks since release? the growth report from sturgeon still hasn't got two of the biggest mouths in snp land, wings and murray commenting on or critiquing it.

    So staying in the limelight for a party that has peaked but has no where to go till the next elections is going to be hard so stunts like this staged walk out are probably the only way now they can get attention.

    Disappointing for Scots themselves though because had they waited 15 minutes, till the end of pm question time, they could have had the discussion they asked for. It rather supports the discussion for the snp it was more for tv ratings than for the people of Scotland.

    I doubt the honesty of the snp and a thousand members but hey, if it gives them a thousand new membership fee's then fair play but as Corbyn found out, members don't mean shit if the voters aren't there

    there is no power grab fin, we've been through this before. All the powers trying to be grabbed by the snp, were given to the eu by the uk government before the devolved government was even created. In that light the powers will be returned to the national government of the U.K.

    Still for the dedicated loons it was a grrrrr, not grrrrsss moment and will have put a tinkle in their dinkle.
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  4. and gave you yet another opportunity to display your ignorance and just, you know,type stuff.
    you absolutely know this aint a big deal for the Scots,
    there is no power grab, there hasn't been a resent public attitudes survey, there isn't any evidence suggesting that 76% of the population strongly support devolution, there is nothing out there suggesting there is a vast vast majority of the population that believe holyrood is better placed to manage our affairs, the vow was delivered, the jobs they promised not to move to London where not moved, there hasn't been a massive cut to our partial refund public services that are out performing the ruk's are not actually out performing, crime is at an all time high despite being at a 40year low, we are the biggest scroungers in the uk despite us being within pennys of london. before infrastructure spend.
    we all think that everybody south of the boarder is a wanker, i haven't received two texts in the last hour from a lecturer and an audio guy i know,v,pro European, i wonder what took them so long, pledging to vote yes next time, you will not call me a liar, and absolutely nobody on here thinks you are a shit stirring prick that refuses to give it a rest.
    still no positive reason for not rescinding the act of union?, hmm, who has done that before and how many are knocking on the door to get back in? in which case, i will no doubt catch you later. :upyeah:
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  5. Fin you keep rolling out the snp diatribe but I can help you explain why you are wasting your time

    The snp have 35 mp's at westminster but behave like they are the majority party and as soon as reality kicks in they claim Scotland is being disrespected

    They talk about the people of Scotland's voice's but when Blackburn was removed, not one fellow snp mp stayed in the house for their constituant's or valued the people of Scotland's voices

    The snp are becoming a desperate party to resort to this kind of stunt and removing the voices of Scotland from the house. There are still votes today which Blackburn will not be able to return too but already the rest of the snp mp's are indicating they will return for the rest of the day. This highlights it was little more than a stunt by a stunt of a party.

    The people of Scotland deserve better and considering how often the snp use "the people of Scotland will not be disrespected" the snp would do well to take its own advice

    As a late edit fin, this might explain why your media is having issues
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  6. yip, heard that, now, going from memory,(i dont sit up all night reinforcing my anger and looking for scoops to post on DF the following day) if you look a lil deeper and you will have noticed that bbc Scotland alone, had made over 130 FOI requests over several years to scotgov, not including the ones requested to the body's that run public services.
    they made 3? to the previous ;lab/lib administration and none to the uk gov. over the same period. i could have that back to front btw. bit odd no?
    right, back to the real world, there's a fair bit of this going on the noo.
    it might be a good time to repost this after yesterdays v,effective protest. ferk me Allan Bissitt is good with the predictions. if yer interested,
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  7. All night fin? the edit was 11.17pm,

    If I recall fin, when I have put up the Herald quotes in the past you have refused the read them saying they were part of the mainstream media, now the ex Herald editor says Scotland should leave, his views are suddenly valid to you :D I wonder why that would be.

    As to yesterdays debacle, it made the snp look like mum mum the bigger boys won't pass me the ball mum so I'm going to leave. Honest fin, the sillyness yesterday just confirmed how comedic the snp are

    The truth of the matter is, Blackwood has been a dog turd of a leader within parliament for the snp and one of their most ineffective politicians, and given that gene pool, that is a lot to choose from. He is not a patch on Angus Robertson who I always admired even though his politics are clearly wonky.

    as to the video, a few points :D

    Most Scots are NOT seeking a second indi vote, born out by the loss of a third of snp mp's at westminster.
    The snp wanted the ability to have more control over raising revenue, it was given through personal taxation, but you wanted the allocated taxes from the U.K. government AND the ability to raise taxes, you were never going to get both and the snp knew this but didn't care because it meant more control for the snp government.

    Although it was good to see a scot saying they knew that the 2017 was about indi 2, something you have constantly denied even though it shows it all over the place and even in the video you thoughtfully supplied.

    The trouble the snp has, it is the scottish ukip, it's a one trick pony and like Corbyn, it's peaked and is on the downward slide.

    In the same way the unions and momentum are now questioning, We thought Corbyn would do it but he is losing support from the puppet masters and extreme left, the snp's most vocal supporters are now questioning whether the snp under Sturgeons leadership, will ever give them an independent scotland, an example, you may have heard of him, Sean Clerkin

    Lastly, the growth commission report, it's no wonder the most staunch Scottish independence driven and vocal campaigners have gone mute. It's childlike in it's outlay, lsd enhanced in its objectives and to be honest fin, the growth commission report was an absolute gift to anyone who is no fan of the snp.
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  8. i refuse to read click bait, as you also recall, but omitted to add...
    archive it, chances are, if its relevant, i will read it.
    yip, the trouble with the one trick party is that it is managing the powers it has so well, they cant report them because every positive for the current scot gov, is another kick in the nads for the rUK GOV. you absolutely know this to be true.
    the present uk gov also knows this to be the case, hence it has fought devo tooth and nail from the start, the lab/lib partys also know this to be the true, hence the way devo was engineered, so that no one party can ever get a majority. until salmond broke the system, by specifically pledging to hold a reff.
    people that follow these things, that are capable of being totally honest with themselves knowk that the only people that talk constantly about indi along with yourself, are the unionist, party's. dude, it aint working.
    anyhoos, like i said, up until yesterday you would swear there had been a D notice placed on reporting the power grab, not now.
    ah, another notification from no cause loz. how cool would that be to be able to bury yer heed like that?
  9. Mhairi yesterday looking for ideas when they had walked out :D the people infront of her were being interviewed on live tv

  10. what now? do i post a pic of the pig miester?
    do you think she should take tory MP's advise and commit suicide? do you think thats appropriate behavior for an elected politician paid by the taxpayer to say in the chamber?
    over 5k new members since 12noon yesterday btw.:upyeah:
    and it looks like Lesley Riddoch gonna be busy.
  11. Fin it was a picture of a bogie hunter from yesterday , calm down dear, it's only a commercial, your a nightmare when your on, honestly, lavender oil baths will sooth your grumbly tummy

    You also know I've commented positively towards Mhairi in the past, again, it's not her fault her indian name is "Running with Loons" :D

    People who tell other people to take their own life on the internet are rude oldsmileywagginfinger

    5k new members is cool, hopefully they are the sane ones to rebalance the fold
  12. you think its fine for an MP to say in the chamber in response to a question, the day before they walk out, to commit suicide.?
  13. Nope it's above silly, it's rude
  14. just rude?. anyhoo. the power grab and why the SNP exist?, because the people vote for them ,the same way they vote tory,lab whatever.
    David Mundell seems to have a knack for revealing the British state's true purpose. He doesn't appear able to conceal the British Nationalists' contempt for Scotland - and for democracy. Or maybe he just doesn't care who knows. Perhaps he and his associates are sufficiently confident of their power that they see no point any longer in subtlety or subterfuge. They are set upon rushing northwards to crush those rebellious Scots, and it doesn't matter that we know they're coming, because we can do nothing to stop them.
    .Or we won't even try.
    One can understand this confidence. After all, Scotland has accepted British rule for centuries. We've let the British state use our wealth and our resources and our people and allowed ourselves to be convinced that we should be proud of our sacrifice, content with the impositions and grateful for the governance which, by the British state's own account, has left us depleted and impoverished and stripped of the capacity to be a normal nation.
    David Mundell feels perfectly justified in declaring that Scotland is not a partner of the United Kingdom; Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. He can readily claim that this is what we voted for in 2014. He can claim whatever he wants about the meaning of that No vote because it was a vote to give the British state licence to define what it meant. Thus, it was a vote to allow the British political elite to do whatever they want with Scotland. No wonder David Mundell thinks he needn't take the trouble to sugar the pill. No wonder he doesn't feel the need to try and persuade us we're being embraced when, in fact, we're being crushed.
    The fate of the Scottish Parliament was sealed back in 2007. When Scotland's voters took control of their Parliament from the British parties and handed it to the SNP, the British establishment realised that the devolution experiment had failed. Rather than killing the independence cause "stone dead", it had enabled Scotland to develop a distinctive political culture. Rather than being an instrument of the British state, as was intended, the Scottish Parliament had become the locus of a new politics. Rather than serving British interests, Holyrood was finding and implementing measure tailored to Scotland's needs. Rather than being slave to the British state, the Scottish Parliament had become the servant of Scotland's people.
    This could not be tolerated. If Holyrood could not be brought back under the control of the British parties, it would have to be crippled or destroyed.
    Those who scoffed at warnings about the British state's malign intent no longer have any reason to doubt it. David Mundell has been brazenly explicit about the fact that the British state already considers Scotland to have been absorbed into a 'Greater England. He makes it perfectly plain that, even if Scotland wasn't 'extinguished' by the Union, it has been massively diminished by the subsequent actions of the British political elite.
    Now, in the face of a rising tide of democratic dissent, this British government has decided to finish the job and formalise Scotland's status as part of a British state which is 'indivisible and indissoluble'. To do this, they must first render the Scottish Parliament powerless. Or get rid of it altogether.
    We know this because David Mundell and others are openly boasting about it as if there's nothing we can do to stop them. But behind the facade of bluster and bravado and mach posturing, they know differently. They know that they only have the power we allow them. They realise that they only have authority over us so long as we recognise that authority.
    The British establishment is very aware that, should we choose to challenge that power and defy that authority, the whole edifice will crumble. They are afraid. And well they might be. Because there are growing indications that the people of Scotland have had enough.
    We will not rescue Scotland from this British Nationalist onslaught by adhering to rules devised to limit or entirely disable the exercise of our sovereignty. Their rules. The rules the British establishment devises and manipulates to keep us in line. The rules which David Mundell cites as if they were iron laws of nature.
    If Scotland is to continue to exist as a nation, we need to break those rules. And we need to do it now.
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  15. Trouble is fin, in the indi vote and the loss of a third of snp politicians in westminster would suggest in very strong terms, the people of Scotland disagree

    If Scotland wants a better deal, then the snp need to put the majority of Scots first and not just the loons, get behind brexit first, then when everything is all over here, then fight for it.

    Until they do that, they are simply sabotaging what actually ends up over here to fight for.
  16. was this how it went in 2014?
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  17. fek knows why we even bother, because, we don't actually exist.
  18. yip, still more than all the Unionist party's put together, hold an election now, how many seats will they gain? anywhere between 4 and 8, and thats before people recently heard about this thing called, a power grab.
  19. Well that's just plain silly fin, you'll always be the gobby dodgy speaking feks north of the wall, but you'll always be our gobby dodgy speaking feks north of the wall. No politicians either side of the wall can change that, pride within the 4 nations isn't decided by politicians having a cock womble contest :D
  20. i trust the good people of England take v. lil pride in your constant pish. of that i am certain :upyeah:
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