Indyref2... It's On!

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  1. Everyone knows that, they have the devolves passes. Those ones don't let you into the commons gardens. Last time they let them in there, they dug up the flowers, made mud huts, started throwing moss clumps at each other talking about clan wars are a cummin and started herding yaks

    yep, the situation with indi at the moment is like when hilary ran for president. Those who said they should be letting her win because they wanted a female president for a change. Possible the right idea but definitely the right candidate.

    Same with your indi 2, might be the right idea in the future but I doubt it but the wrong party at the wrong time. Almost all of their argument is emotive with very little substance and that has been proved by nic not allowing the Scots to see the snp plans before the election, to use their own words, what's she hiding?
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  2. Its true clannish societies tend to need a unifying hate-figure to keep them from fighting each other. In Scotland's case England has been providing that service since 1296. Don't know who's going to replace us when the People's Republic of Caledonia is up and running. Norway possibly. They've got more oil, deeper lochs, bigger cod, they're taller and much, much richer. That isn't going to go down well.
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  4. Could be interesting.

    In the general election, all major parties have released now their manifesto except the snp. Despite Alex being truthful and saying this election is about independence, Nic continued to say all the way through it is not about indi 2

    Today the tories confirmed there can be no vote on indi 2 till "the brexit process has played out" . It's going to be interesting to see how nic handles this as she knows linking leaving the uk to become independent and then almost straightaway to europe is a a blackhole for her.

    Nic has already said despite promising the indi 2 manifesto would be in April but then said now is not the time herself, it will be interesting to see what actually happens in their general election manifesto
  5. Wait. What?

    You cannot be implying that Splurgeon is on a whole new level of manipulative and conniving compared to Tories! Westminster!!

    Mind blown!
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  6. Unlike the 2015, they cannot insist with a caveat about substantial change. The 2017 will have to declare outright now whether they intend to go for indi 2 and in that, it opens the door to do what they said they will do, announce the indi 2 costings and key points BEFORE the general election.

    The difficult part for nic is that within the tory manifesto it also mentions, as well as "not yet", but also says "it should not take place unless there is public consent for it to happen"

    May has boxed Nic into a corner of now having to be honest with the Scottish electorate about indi 2. Alex on the other hand must be knocking one off in delight.
  7. Nah'd still be us :zzz:
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  8. Racist SNP win Glasgow and elect Scots Lord Provost!!

    Wait a minute.....

    Its not a he, it's a she AND she is not Scots but SWEDISH!

    And I thought this was introverted nationalism.
  9. You don't understand.

    Being Scotch means being anything whatsoever as long as you aren't English.
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  10. This is very sad if you believe that because it's not true. Almost every English person I know living in Scotland is pro Indy.

    By your logic, every country that is in the commonwealth dislikes the English. Also that the majority of English people dislike foreigners, especially Europeans. It's just not true.

    I really wish people who feel this way would understand a countries wish for self determination is about the country in questions ambition and not the country it seeks independence from.
  11. Agree, you don't have to look too far back to remember an Iranian student with an Iranian passport but on holiday in costa rica was considered Scottish just because she studied there on a students visa.
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  12. Noobie beat me to it - been wrestling with my first Android phone this evening. Anyway ...

    Almost every Scotch person I know personally, outside of Scotchland, has expressed a desire to remain within the UK. It's a puzzle, eh?
    Not sure where you are coming from (or going to) regarding the Commonwealth thing, I was talking about the Scotch.

    Your contention that Indy is about self-determination is a self-referential argument. You want independence because you want to be independent, yes. We all want self-determination in some way - well, all of us except for the really rabid Remoaners and hard-lefties.
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  13. My daughter was born in Scotland, does that make me Scottish ?
  14. how many pro indi people do you know outwith this forum loz.?
    whats the main reason offered by your mates for remaining within the uk?
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  15. My pony about the commonwealth is this. Every country in the commonwealth has left British rule. It was suggested that those who want independence do so because they hate the English. So the logical extension of that is

    1) the whole of the commonwealth hates the English and
    2) the brexiteers hate the Europeans

    Neither are true, so it's not about hating the English.

    I live in England
    Most of my friends are English
    My partner is English- she will be voting SNP

    I have the same experience as you regarding Scots that live in England. Overwhelming want the UK to stay together. That's quite natural. Otherwise they will be living in a foreign country and maybe are worried about a backlash. There was certainly a backlash when scotland voted for devolution. For a good few months afterwards I had people in shops, bars, restaurants, moaning about it to me. It was uncomfortable and unpleasant. But it was the democratic choice- overwhelmingly so.

    But the people who live there and who experienced the change in the country over the past 20 years are influenced by that change. Those that live elsewhere haven't .
  16. How can either of you vote SNP if you live in England?
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  17. Equating former commonwealth members with current member nations?
    Sir, you err.

    I am yet to be convinced that the resentment that some Scotch feel towards Westminster is in any important sense different from the resentment felt in West Sussex or Yorkshire or Norfolk. People there want an end to mismanagement on the part of government too, but they don't have the convenient fiction that their region of the country is somehow apart from the rest of the UK.

    Suck it up, and change the system from inside . . . like we were told to do by the EU Remoaners! Scotchland is a part of the UK according to the last referendum held on the matter, time to put away pipe dreams and false hopes.
  18. I am going to vote SNP to help finm as he is lonely - I will just cheat (not putting one of those shit new smileys here)
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  19. Can we have a referendum on these smileys? No one asked us if we wanted them. We were told we were merely getting a new server and these awful bland smileys were introduced by stealth. Its anti-democratic we were better off as we were.
    C'mon ET give us a vote. What yer scared of?
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  20. yip time to give up. like loz appears to have done. *no appropriate friendly smiley available*
    in Scotland loz, labour was seen as the last chance saloon for many. they failed. do we need to go into the areas where they failed?
    since devolution and the rise of more Scottish focused partys the transformation would need to be seen to be believed. you would need to be part of it.
    i have read most of your posts over the last four years loz on these kinds of threads and tbh we are attempting what you quite often promote. couple that up with a blossoming online media that can highlight and criticize the failings of the uk, something we just didn't really get in any valuable way.
    you say suck it up, no you cant just suck it up.
    i a pretty sure the definition of democracy isn't lie threw yer teeth to get a desired result but dont forget to make the lie any bigger than yer opponent. to deny we have been going in different directions in a union that never really was is just burying yer head in the sand. loz, with a centralized uk government with its core vote in the south east, unless they send in the tanks independence is inevitable. yer political elete to use a a common phrase on here want us for two reasons. our resources and our people. the tactics they are using to keep us at each other is unsustainable in a peaceful society
    this is a good wee read that will save you from my grammar.
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  21. mate i aint lonely. half the country is with me. another 30% on top share may values. some of them would vote yes if convinced it was doable. i am surrounded by like minded people.
    i will never be lonely.