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Insurance Co Rant!

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by PerryL, Dec 4, 2019 at 5:55 PM.

  1. Although Hastings pay for my physio and taxis to the swimming pool, plus all of the house mods, I had the bare-faced cheek to ask them to pay for taxis to my local station to go to the place that I was working in order to collect my stuff that I left there. Also my brother has invited me to stay at his gaff near Salisbury over Chrimbo and I plan to take the train on Christmas Eve.

    'No', say Hastings as this is not rehabilitation and we still deny responsibility for the accident. The fact that their client has always admitted liability and was prosecuted for driving without due care and attention counts for zilch!

    What worries me now (as I don't trust these b'stards) is that they agree to pay my solicitor's fees, so they are happy, and then both say that it is far too complicated to work out fault and so let us all just forget the whole thing.

    I'm guessing, and hoping, that this can't happen because they will know that I will see the stitch up and then engage another firm that I will pay for so that I can't get stitched up again. No Win No Fee solicitors are all very well if they are trustworthy, but insurance companies know that as long as they agree to pay the solicitor's fees, then they can save an awful lot by doing the deal.

    Anyone had any experience of no win no fee?
  2. Or, I have done my own conveyancing on both registered and unregistered titles before, which is easy, so maybe I should just represent myself because I am f*c7ing vulnerable to being stitched up here.
  3. I would expect that there is a Proffesional Lawyers governing body that is there to prevent such things, and protect those being represented. I am fairly sure that @Zhed46 will know.
  4. I've found the the SRA (solictors regulation authority) - an exercise in double-speak and confusion- BUT it does say that members should act with honesty and integrity. https://www.sra.org.uk/solicitors/standards-regulations/principles/

    I have not yet found the bit that says, 'if you believe that then you'll believe anything'!

    I would think about doing this myself but there are two possible disadvantages. 1) I don't know how much to claim 2) I gather cases can take a long time but I won't know if I am just being messed about ,or, if my time frame is normal.
  5. Firms like White Dalton bike solicitors will charge about 25% of your pay out I believe.
  6. Hmm I'm gonna give this some thought (and I have an outstanding email that needs answering - so that will be next week, probably).

    I will try to firm up on fees because 25% could be huge. If their fees are separate from my settlement then I don't care so much, but 25% out of my settlement is quite high (unless they get me a crappy settlement!).
  7. Negotiate a £s cap on the % fees but dangle a £££‘a bonus (fixed) above the level you want/expect. Keep them in the game that way.
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  8. Being thinking about it a bit more..... I didn't appoint them ( because I was unconscious for most of that time). If I was to fire them then I have to pay their fees. The fact that thy have done precisely nothing apart from wake Hastings Direct up from their slumbers will only add to their fees. So, I cannot afford to sack them without seeking financial help from my family, but they think that I was stupid for riding a bike to start with! So, in short, I am screwed!


    Mr Done Up Like a Kipper

    PS I will remember to write to Hastings Direct and my solicitor to apologise for ever darkening their door :-(
  9. Andrew Dalton is worth every penny in my experience.
    It doesn’t hurt to give him a ring, you can change solicitors at any time.
    I went through this 9 years ago, I was appointed a useless bunch of claim handlers by my insurance company.
    They were awful, by chance I bumped into Andrew at a local bike meet, he took on my case and it was the best decision I have ever made.
    My case took 6 years but I was extremely happy with the result.
    If you’re not happy with your solicitor you should change them, you get one chance at this and you need the right person fighting for you.
    Insurance companies are not a nice bunch.
    Good luck Perry
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