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Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Ash Hussain, Dec 6, 2020.

  1. So my XDiavel S turns up on Wednesday and it’s time I got the insurance sorted...
    Age: 42
    Bike License: 13 yrs
    NCB: 0 (never owned a bike for over a year).
    £1160 comp.

    I put the same details in but changed NCB to 1 year to check what it’ll come down to next year...
    £240. WTF??

    what you guys paying and will things like alarm or tracker make a difference?
  2. Call BeMoto insurance, motorbike specialists. I got very good rates with them, very helpful and they know about bikes.
    01733 515538
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  3. Your profile says you live in London. No NCB/recent bike ownership puts you into an unknown as far as risk is concerned. Also age is a factor though over 35, which I note you are, is favourable. I guess, given your test quote for year #2, that you have a garage. £240 and living in London isn't too bad IMHO. Try Bemoto but given your lack of history don't expect too much of a reduction.

    An alarm or tracker, as well as other recognised physical security will help a little. In fact my insurer insisted on a specific tracker for my former address in a sleepy, low crime, rural market town. The bike was parked outside but off road and being a new 1260 Multistrada value was more than £15k which, I understand considering not being garaged and its value, was a threshold for this. Security doesn't buy you much discount, around 10% if you're lucky and, as I was told by a broker, adding any more than two makes no difference. Tracker and factory immobiliser were all I added but I still use a decent lock and chain or a RoadLock when away from home. Adding the lock and chain would have given them an 'out' for theft without it and carting that around isn't ideal.
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  4. I would talk with your existing insurance provider first as i didn't have any spare NCB on the lastest purchase,but they take on board your other vehicles / history as they did with me.
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  5. I love just outside London, town called Slough. Serious hotspot for vehicle crime. Makes sense the quote is pretty high.
    I’ll def give Bemoto a try. Thanks very much. :)
  6. Thanks Sam. I’ll give them a call tomorrow.
  7. Old fart here 58, 1 yrs NCB. Live in rural Shropshire. £204.20

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  8. Last year when i bought the Diavel 1260S my then insurer want over £800 despite having a clean licence, full no claims and being the wrong side of 50.

    A quick call to Bemoto and that was brought down to £180.

    Bemoto have been great (so far) on my V2 and the Scrambler 1100 Sport too. Hopefully they wont go down the route of the other brokers I've had in the past who are ok for a couple of years and then take the piss.
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  9. That’s awesome! Will defo give them a call! Thanks!
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