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1260 Intake Fairing Fitting

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Ant stinson, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. Anyone got a good technique for getting the front clip in the slot on the black plastic side panel before sliding it back one of mine is proving a right b***tard to get in
  2. One of mine goes in easily, the other side is a pig. It is perseverance and pressing in the right places that eventually gets it in.

    Its the RH side on the bike that is the pain
  3. Yep same here
    My 1200 was a bit of a pain but this ones a right cow. It was out when I bought it so reckon someone has given up ....
  4. I ended up almost leaning on the front bit and trying to slide it towards the back of the bike at the same time. Eventually it did locate OK :) You wanna be on the main stand though or might just push it off the sidestand.
  5. Am gonna walk away n breathe for 5 mins.....
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  6. I went through this pain two weeks ago. It took me about 2.5 hours to get the right side back on. Loads of swearing, what a pain in the ass, glad it’s not just mine!!
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  7. Yep I went to pub in end
    problem is when it’s in there it’s hard to see if its too high too low etc .
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  8. I know it's for a 1200 but I'm not sure how much the difference is between the 12 and the 1260 on the upper bodywork?

  9. Yeah seen that l had a 1200 before n they are a bit of a faff but after a few mins normally they go in the LHS went in ok but been at this for 1/2 hour n it’s not playing ball.
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  11. I will try that next time :)
  12. I went through this 2 weeks ago also, spent over 2 hours, very frustrating. Found the issue in the end, however its difficult to describe. Basically the black part you are trying to slot into (inside the nose), it had been pushed back a small amount, you need to compare with the good side. That black plastic inner need to come forward. I will try and take a photo tomorrow if required.

    Anyway try and comapre it with the OK one
  13. Yes that’s exactly same on mine but also as the fairing ur trying to fit always slid to the outside of the slot if you just wedge something in to force to slot out it just slides in
  14. I've had the same issue on both the 1200DVT and the 1260, not always on the same side. I've found that twisting the front end of the panel outwards slightly while pushing it backwards at the same time has helped it slot into place.
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