Is It Going To Stop Raining Today?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PeterT, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. it's been non stop and certainly has made Monday a boring day!
  2. Q. Is It Going To Stop Raining Today?

    A. No.
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  3. Nice in Santos, Brazil...:cool::cool:
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  4. Only reminds me I must wash my Rukka gear. As its now embedded with rain water rather than balling off the surface; though it still is water proof.
  5. I have to say on a personal note that i've always looked forward & excelled in the wet over the years with rear wheel drive cars/vans:),,,,,,but now i've a front wheel drive van..............motoring boredom from the top drawer:(
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  6. Tomorrow’s supposed to be worse :(
  7. Rear wheeled, over powered in the wet FTW!
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  8. Sunny here until midday - got the bike MOT'd and didn't have to put it in the van to take it o_O
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  9. So what's the total mileage now:thinkingface:.............don't cheat as i can check;)
  10. Of all or them added together? :thinkingface:
    This one has about 3800 ish but only got it registered in the UK before Winter last year - will easily get into 4's this year :bucktooth:
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  11. still p*ssing it down here
  12. Due to stop on Thursday :eek:
  13. It’s pissing it down here and probably will be until the weekend.
  14. It’s a mite damp here too.
    The peacock is looking distinctly bedraggled.
  15. BEF561A9-E94F-4334-B2E1-3011DE223C13.jpeg

    Pissing down on trailer for Brands Hatch tomorrow...scheduled to be dry and bright...
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  16. scortchio all day. too hot even. got the fugly home and i just nipped outside for pish. its still warm. v,nice.
  17. I bought overshoes - it shall therefore not rain tomorrow.
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  18. Been pouring down here since yesterday afternoon

    I ordered a garden sofa 2 weeks ago and it’s arriving today ..... oh goody o_O:mad: