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1200 DVT Is Something Catching The Rear Wheel ??

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by knightrider, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. I did a search but nothing so asking for your advise/help

    Just came back from a very wet and windy Highlands mini tour and when cleaning the bike I noticed 2 long marks on the edge of the rear wheel. It looks like something has caught the edge very briefly otherwise surely it would be continuous ?? So its got me thinking could it be when maybe the suspension was beyond its max as I was 2up and topbox, but have been before and this hasn't happened. Another thing I considered is just before going I installed new chain and sprockets and cleaned the eccentric hub, but 100% sure everything went back the same way.

    The bike performed excellently again and although now out of warranty I wouldn't hesitate to take it anywhere:upyeah:

  2. That looks like the hose/cable guard for the rear break line/ABS wiring (the blue part below the rear mudguard (green - item 2).
    It runs very close to the edge of the wheel rim. I know this because after running a Scottoiler tube under the cable/hose cover it was very close to the wheel rim - so close that when a tyre fitter put some wheel weights on that side of the rim there were rub marks on the top of the weights :-(
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  3. Thanks for the reply Steve and yes that is 1 part of the bike that i possible thought could of caused the damage... there is a cut in guard that runs very close to the wheel :confused:
  4. I agree with Steve
    I got exactly the same mark on my previous multi to what you show here

    I could only conclude it was some road debris that got caught between that guard and the wheel to make the mark as you have, I only noticed it after a very wet and dirty ride out
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  5. that makes perfect sense Boomer:upyeah:
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