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Is The Virus Fear Changing Your Riding Plans??

Discussion in 'The Coronavirus Section' started by RexDangerVest, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. See post #128 - someone reads one post and decides to stick up for the crazy by showing his distain to my post - ignoring the hundreds of diatribe crap that has gone before o_O
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  2. I work in an industry where risk assessment is part and parcel of operating on a professional level. If I filled out a method statement analogous to carrying medicine by motorbike, it would be considered unprofessional. Health and Safety law requires that everyone is responsible for eliminating risk.

    it’s true that some medical supplies such as blood products may be transferred by bike but those are time sensitive and the bike actively reduces the risk of the cargo going off. There are no traffic issues at the moment.

    I like risk. It’s why I ride motorbikes, do track days and sail. Risk is there to be managed though.
  3. It’s called being professional. Maybe you should try it?

    medications which are couriered, are couriered for a reason. It may be because they cost tens of thousands per annum, or they are time sensitive. What’s so special about them that they need to be dropped off and not collected from a pharmacy?
  4. Are they couriered from your electoral roll home in Scotland to your other home just outside London that you refuse to register on the electoral roll at? That seems far more of a trip than any volunteering Mike is doing.

    Mike, you carry on chap, you offered to help, they took you up on it and I'm sure those on the end of that assistance appreciate it.
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  5. Page 5
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    Just for the pool as many have lost bets already chap, do you know what page your genuinely going to give up and lose interest, my moneys on page 53, you can pm me the number

    ta :upyeah::D
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  6. I don`t know what industry you work but there is no way to eliminate risk regardless of what the law says. We all constantly assess risk every day whether that is checking there is time to cross the road before the next car arrives , deciding if its a good idea to eat that Scottish Bonnet chili whole in one go or if it safe to stroke that dog ambling towards me in the park and so on. We don`t need the law to micro manage what is instinctive in my opinion. We do need rules to protect people working in dangerous environments but there is no need to squeeze every last drop of impulse and joy out of us.
    You by admission are happy to accept some personal risk and you manage it yet you seem to have a problem with @mike willis doing the same when he opted to deliver medicine and collect shopping on his bike.
    I read an interesting definition of a Puritan the other day. " A person who is worried that someone , somewhere is enjoying themselves "
    Not saying you are a Puritan of course but you are not showing much of your Cavalier side in this thread.
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  7. It's the sillyness's of 749's argument that puzzles me (like most of his posts)

    We are not talking about a person who is saying feck you I'm off ragging up and down the country, his ire is aimed at someone who is helping the local chemist to help others keep well through deliveries of much needed medication and those locally who cannot shop.

    Since when did that become a bad thing and warrant the hostility to those who are helping others?
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  8. Not sure what you are talking about here but this angry person sounds like a bit of a monster. Is he to be taken seriously?
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  9. I work in the same field to a degree, what industry, out of interest?
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  10. They are being collected and dropped off to speedup the whole process, in this current crisis this is the most efficient way of getting the drugs straight into the hands of the patients.
    I am delivering to a gentleman with bowel cancer, another man in his eighties with throat cancer, a four year old lad with a very complicated diagnosis, along with other less serious cases, none of these patients can leave their homes.
    A couple of these old guys are or were bikers in their day, fascinated by my bikes and enjoying chatting over the garden wall about their bikes, the chances are they will never ride again, but perhaps in some small way I brightened their day.
    I have collected from three suppliers today and dropped at three addresses, quite why you would object to me using this spare time I have to remove a little stress from these peoples lives is beyond me.
    This is my contribution to this crisis, what's yours?
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  11. fair question to ask given all that has been quoted
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  12. Fair play buddy !! Your making there life's a little brighter and safer with your deliverys :upyeah:
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  13. That sounds illegal or at the very least immoral, there was me think 749er was just so....

    I’m surprised he leaves his house wherever it is...officially.
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  14. 749er himself put that information out there and if that's an arrangement that works then that's between him and the scottish and english nhs trusts.

    My puzzlement was, if that is the case, why given his own medical needs crosses 2 nations, is he obsessed with a forum member delivering locally on behalf of a chemist to help those in need of medicine and helping those locally who cannot shop for themselves. Just puzzling.
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  15. He may well have put it out there previously on another thread, your post is the first I’ve heard of this and in all honesty don’t know if it’s legal or just ammoral.

    My concern is he’s quick to judge and berate folk for their actions or intentions like he’s the internet moral compass, on first glimpse he needs to stop throwing stones lest he breaks windows.
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  16. I am not allowed to contribute since my medication leaves me without much of an immune system. If I stopped my meds, I would be fine. They are just an insurance policy for me. Furthermore, my immune system would go back to normal and I would not be at risk of death. Without meds, I have a much stronger than normal immune system and I probably would not even know I had it. But that’s not important. The important thing is that we do all we can to kick this virus into touch as quickly as possible so when can all get back to work and all get out on our bikes again.

    the whole point of lockdown is to reduce the spread of the virus. I read many posts which say “I go out, keep my lid on and observe social distancing”. That’s fine, until you stop for fuel and start handling things, which is where cross contamination comes in.

    or it’s fine until all of us do that and the bike accident rate goes back up to close to where it would normally be. So either we all go out and give the NHS more work or we all stay home.

    I live in London and there is no traffic on the roads here. I could get anywhere just as quick by car as by bike. The reward for the risk is non existent. A smaller fuel tank means more fuel stops and more opportunity to spread the virus without ever contracting it yourself.

    none of my friends are riding their bikes just now. They are all furious that those that are, are giving the rest of us a bad name. You can all keep telling yourself that it’s ok, the police will tell you otherwise when the stop you when you are out having a joy ride. Enjoy your criminal record should it get that far.
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  17. not a single answer to the questions asked, duly noted.
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  18. Is that your contribution to this crisis?
    I am not joy riding, I am delivering medicine to some seriously ill people.
    It sounds like you would be happier if I used a car, why?
    You really believe this will result in a criminal record, is public spirit now illegal?
    There is no support for your stance in this, looks like you have dug yourself a deep hole, my advice would be to stop digging.
    Got to go, more deliveries, have a nice day, I will.
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