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Is This Squared-off?

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by gdbd59, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. upload_2021-10-13_14-49-44.png

    Would you regard this Angel Gran Turismo as squared-off? It's on a bike I'm thinking about.
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  2. Yes.
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  3. lol yes. theres 2/3rds of the tyre unused there and the other 1/3rd is done. Thats prob a mway commute
  4. Yes
    Mine looked like that I bought DD scrubs to look the part :D
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  5. Thread moved
  6. Cant see any Cords? looks fine to me :upyeah:
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  7. Yes as above, but good for another 1000 miles or so.
  8. Plenty of corner tyre left :)
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  9. A bit, yes.

    That is the problem with high mileage tyres - you can wear them down square without touching the wear markers. For me it is the front that really feels horrendous when badly worn...

    Bridgestone T30 Evo after two back-to-back trips to Italy. :astonished::D

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  10. I had the same feeling on the SS after squaring off mine even though they were scrubs I wasn’t a confident corner rider until a year into riding
    Can the owner put new tyres on or can you haggle a price
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  11. It's a dealer, emailed them my views........
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  12. If you don’t ask you don’t get :D
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  13. It'll be shit over white lines, etc like that - get 'em changed! You can tell it's squared off 'cos it's flat in the middle:D
  14. a call will have much more impact - let us know how you get on
  15. My email was in his spam, so there was a brief call. May hear tomorrow.
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  16. Compared to other brands the Angel GT profile is fairly square to start with. I felt it had quite a slow turn rate compared to Roadtec Z01 and PilotRoad4/5. As I recall they should have depth gauges in the middle and if there is plenty of depth left I would be fine with buying a bike with that tyre on.
  17. I guess it all depends on whether the dealer has a queue of potential buyers! As long as the tyre has plenty of tread above the legal minimum, it's perfectly reasonable for then to say "look, it's a 2nd-hand bike, not a brand new one!". On the other hand, if they're keen to close the deal, then the cost of one tyre is unlikely to eat the whole profit margin. Even with the clever modern mixing of softer compound at the sides and harder-wearing in the middle, squaring off seems to be the normal driver of rear tyre replacement.
  18. IMO it clearly is squaring-off, but it isn't squared-off/finished. It will probably be good for circa 1-2k miles or so, but will behave differently than with the more rounded profile, giving variable feedback and reaction to changing surfaces.
    Still worth a conversation with the seller, to see how they feel about taking a hit with the potential sale. Good luck!
  19. Most dealers in my experience won’t swap a tyre if it has a reasonable step from the wear marker to the tread height, ie 1k miles in it, regardless of it being squared off. The unfortunate reality is that if you kick off about a squared off tyre they might think you are the person who just keeps coming back to them for every tiny little issue so most will take a chance on the next guy coming along to buy it. Especially at the moment with used prices being strong and demand clearly there

  20. And most dealers being tight bar stewards.
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