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Isle Of Man Tt 2019 Return/thoughts

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by fireman216, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone.well i have just come home from tt having missed the last two years.My first tt was in 98,also this was the first long trip on my 1199 s so was interested how she would cope.
    OK so weather played a big part and the heartache of losing another rider didnt bode well, but how its changed is something i was shocked by......50mph limit everywhere on bottom part of course ....lack of bikes you use to get lining the whole prom as you got off the boat ...busheys beer tent (village) nice but sanitized, i could go on but i am aware times change.
    who else went and what was your thoughts??
    on the plus side bike never missed a beat with over 700 miles thrown at it so well happy ....has the tt had its day or am i just getting old and becoming one of the generations of (wasnt like that in my day)....just glad to be back in one piece minus quite a few bob and a present to myself !! IMG_3970.JPG
  2. Yes the 50mph limits have increased over recent years, not a bad thing in my view, the coned off areas over the mountain get longer and longer, it won't be long before there's a limit over there too due to the amount of accidents, which will really take the fun out of the visit.
    It is getting more commercialised, the pubs in general are dirty with exceptions but cheaper than the mainland.
  3. hi steve, the riding for me used to be part of the attraction as much as the racing,as for the standard of riding over the mountain im not surprised the mountains always closed...most of the pubs were filled with locals !! 14 days was too long for me ....found myself sunbathing in the calf of man while people were getting washed out in Douglas, was surprised though how many were there for the first time and the amount that said it was there last
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  4. Yes the riding is a main attraction for me also, I think the weather will have spoilt it for many, particularly campers.
  5. The foods shit, the ferrys shit, the weathers (mostly) shit, most of the people riding around you are shit but once the proper bikes get going you tend to forget all that cos theres really nothing that comes close to that feeling when they fly past at whatever mph.

    Like going to southend for your holiday and discovering theres no speed limits.

    Also if you want fast empty mountain roads get the ferry down to spain. Its cheaper, hotter and better for riding (but you probably know that already).
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  6. The temporary speed limits have been slowly creeping in for a few years sadly, I used to love hammering through Quarry Bends.
    It was always going to happen I’m afraid as the bikes have been getting faster and our/my skill set hasn’t kept pace.
    The weather was a pain this year but last year it was beautiful so rough with the smooth I suppose.
    The TT is changing and getting more commercial, I believe they need to look after their core customers as they will be the ones still going to the Island regardless in the future.
    The days of bikes in rows on the prom, wheelies, burnouts etc. are sadly gone.
    It’s getting to the point that I’m debating whether it’s .worth me taking a bike anymore.
    Maybe just chuck a Grom in the back of the van or possibly an enduro bike.
    One thing that hasn’t changed is the absolutely brilliant racing and that is the main reason I go.
    Hopefully the weather has put a few off and it’ll be easier to book the bloody ferry in the future.
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  7. I doubt I’ll be back again. I had to let my ticket go this year with the new arrival to the family making an appearance just 10 days prior to my sailing, but the lads have all come back and said that’s it they won’t be back again.
    Part of the fun in fact the majority of the fun for me is riding the bike and to go over there isn’t cheap. So if it’s as bad as reports are this year then I’d rather do a European tour instead.
    We’re actually looking at doing the wild Atlantic way instead next year
  8. It’s been a few years since I went to the TT but a couple of things are putting me off going again the main one being the amount of things reported to have been stolen this year by so called souvenir hunters ranging from advertising banners to a teams wheel trolley. I know that traditionally bits and bobs have gone missing but not to the extent of what’s been reported this year.

    Another thing I have concerns about is the way they have handled the Steve Mercer incident but I guess that could be a whole new thread altogether.
  9. I have always fancied the TT for years, & often toyed with the idea going over, but have never been organised enough to get everything scheduled 12 months in advance.
    Nowadays, when I can at last consider planning that far forward, I am finding the costs outrageously high. I could probably afford it, but do I really want to, when I can do the Irish road races for a fraction of the costs, or ride through continental Europe and be guaranteed sunshine & great roads?
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  10. I prefer the Manx it's less frantic than the TT and more or less you get the same people racing
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  11. Thats worth a look for sure
  12. Ok own up, who dropped their Pani pulling out of the carpark at Conker Trees??. Apparently a low speed highside.
  13. You'll be well impressed:).
    When the time comes, if you need suggestions, just ask
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  14. Thanks mate
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  15. There are a lot of stag do's and bucket list people going to the tt these days. There seem to be a lot of families around the track watching the racing but again they are one time visitors .
    The i.o.m needs to be careful with the restrictions everywhere or people that have been going for years will stop going .We are booked in for next year but are questioning wether we want to go after that.
    I sent a letter to the steam packet ferry asking why they couldn't put some lockers on the ferries as the 2 foot wide seat doesn't leave anywhere to put helmets , bags , textiles etc . They said security was the reason . Bull poo i say .Planes manage ok.
    I also asked why when we got to the ferry before it started raining ,we were made to sit on the dock getting wet through whist they loaded cars. There was massive area inside the ferry (that never got anything parked in it )that they could have let us into out of the rain. Some bull poo about health and safety was the answer .
    So i get to pay £250 to be put in steerage class and waste 1 days holiday from work each year trying to book ferry tickets due to the dial up website server that the steam packet use as their booking site.
    As for the souvenir thieves , some scum stole the phone that belonged to Daley Mathison . How low can you go?
  16. I agree with everything you say. Nearly everyone I spoke to this year mentioned the temporary speed limits and were saying it’s not worth bringing a bike anymore.
    The Island needs to be very careful as it sounds like a lot of people were questioning the cost, speed limits etc.
    The booking fiasco is beyond a joke and has been for years, nothing is done to rectify this.
    Everything is VIP this and VIP that to try to extract more money out of us. I’ve seen this coming for a while now and I’m glad I can remember the old TT.
    I remember going after DJ died and the TT was on a low ebb but the core customers still supported the races.
    It seems to me we’re not needed anymore as we can be replaced with new customers willing to spend more money.
    Sadly that’s the way of the world.
    As for the c### who stole Daley’s phone, I have no words to describe how I feel.
    I’ll be back next year, where else can you witness racing like this?
  17. Never been, but might do the Manx next year :thinkingface:
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  18. Agree with the above comments about poor customer care on the ferries, you can tell they have a monopoly with their "don't give a toss" attitude.
    One deck worker allegedly supervising the unloading at Liverpool was too busy swigging water from a bottle and then spitting it onto the deck to manage the flow of bikes properly and when asked by a dutch lad why the job was a shambles he replied "not my concern".
    I must have been one of the lucky ones to get next year's ferry tickets booked on the internet within 20 minutes of them opening, but I did have two screens on refresh constantly and our accounts lady had her machine on the case as well.
    The full course speed limits (except much of the mountain) certainly reduce the fun and increase the frustration. I notice there was very little reporting of any collisions on the roads to ensure they can hail the new restrictions as a success.
    I will go back as I still enjoy it, but it is certainly changing and even 25 year customers like me will begin to consider alternatives if The Steam Racket Company will not improve.
  19. Definately agree with others....booked for next year....but maybe the last...plod were IMO over the top...never even made it near the mountain (the main reason we go). In the end we stayed on the south of the island where they (the plod) were non existant...

    If i was camping i wouldnt even bother...luckily we have a house to stay in which this year was a godsent!
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