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Featured It’s Arrived

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Markduc, Oct 7, 2020.

  1. Wow wish I’d bought one yrs ago
    Anyone know why orange light flashes when I’ve turned it of 30D9D377-BBBE-48F9-BC95-E734B48D81D2.jpeg
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  2. Immob active
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  3. Very very nice!
  4. Battery tender required
  5. PROPER Monster!
    Nice to see that there is a following and appreciation for these bikes over and above the newer offerings. Glad you like it and why wouldn't you? It's one of the most fun bikes you will ever ride. Congratulations.
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  6. Ah guess it’s supposed to do that never had a bike with an immob on before thank you
  7. Tomorrow’s job along with the new wires
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  8. That’s a lovely looking machine Mark, congratulations.
    Hopefully see it out and about at next years TT.
  9. Nice one Mark.
    Hope you enjoy many a happy mile.
  10. Nearly bought one a couple of years back, but bought a triumph Bonneville instead knew it a mistake , so disappointed with it got on the monster and I’m still grinning
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  11. Certainly will ..... unless it’s raining :D
  12. It never rains at the TT.....
  13. True , but it’s surprising how often you hear “you should of been here last week “
  14. Lovely looking bike :)
  15. Wonderful, well done:upyeah:
  16. I am of the same opinion, why didn’t I buy a Monster before, I have a modest 06 695 model which I love, apart from the restricted steering lock, I could have saved myself a lot of money buying bikes I thought would suit me, or fancied one then found out I didn’t like it Doh! CE5B1B95-F132-43FE-84FD-2808DDF41076.jpeg
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  17. That looks good I like the seat is that standard
  18. Very nice:upyeah:.
  19. FYI, I picked up a 2nd hand seat for £30 and then got it recovered by an upholsterer complete with an extra 1” of padding at the front to raise the seat height for me. Red stitching on the seat pad, tricolore stitching around the edges. That cost £125.
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