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It’s Dry Enough!

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Symon Moore, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Empty nest syndrome today-son away and wife and daughter haven’t been shopping for at least two days so need their fix apparently. It’s dry enough for a run out so I’m off to Stratford for a blast. Might pop into Caffeine & Machine if it’s open today

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  2. Agree Symon. Been a few days recently that we’re good enough for an enjoyable ride. Mind for salted roads thought.
    Like they used to say, “Get some in!”
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  3. Lovely bin selection there, Symon. :)
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  4. Very reminiscent of ours in colour and size.
  5. It’s my neighbours, she was not brought up properly & chooses to leave them out all the time. However it’s fitting on this occasion ;)
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  6. Don’t think they count, being next doors and that, innit.
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  7. Binnist!
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  8. A lovely display irrelevant of ownership!
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  9. Now on a more serious note, the lack of Christmas decorations down your street I find truly disturbing!
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  10. Love the Italian flag on the nose cone :upyeah:
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  11. I finished in the office about 2.30 and went for an hours ride...roads were damp and greasy so glad to get back before it went dark. I'll need to wash the salt off tomorrow.
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  12. Had similar thoughts - family absent, so took the 'new to me' 848 for its first proper ride. A 45 mile ride via Matlock Bath of course and on a Sunday along with the rest of the world. But a steady ride to get familiar with her ready for a sunny (warm) day. Very pleased so far. Happy days!!
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  13. It’s great. Need to book car parking in advance but bikes are free. They run events throughout summer. Well worth a visit
  14. It's a rare thing for my bike to come out in December, but roads were clean and dry so a hundred miles round the Peak District blew the cobwebs away. Cold though!
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  15. For those daring enough to venture out to the Peak District there a photo shoot on the A6 to Matlock Bath. I came across the link on FB. It's nothing to do with me, I know nothing about it except its tomorrow Sunday 5th Jan between 10:00 & 14:00hrs and the link is from BikerPics on Facebook. I assume you get photo'd as you ride through and get to purchase an image afterwards - just guessing though?? The location is between Cromford traffic lights and Mason Mills - no idea which way! Just incase anyone is bored. :) If it's crap dunna shoot the messenger!
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