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Jacket Out Of 12 Year Hibernation...

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by apatchy, Feb 2, 2020.

  1. It's been hibernating for 12 years!! and only worn a few times before that... My Dainese Daytona jacket, i briefly thought about selling it last year but i'm sooo glad i didn't... it was made to celebrate the "The Battle of The Twins". I'm looking forward to wearing this almost as much as i am about getting back on a bike (especially a Ducati!!)

    If you've not had a look, have a google of the "battle of the twins" in Daytona in the 86/7 - Harley vs Ducati, few vids on youtube.



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  2. The jacket looks terrific :upyeah:

    I'd recommend conditioning the jacket with decent leather food (e.g. Renapur or Duckswax). The leather will need conditioning after 12 years in hibernation!!
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  3. Cool togs. :) :upyeah:
  4. Suggest neats foot oil before renapur.
    Former will put oils back in the leather, the latter will then seal it nicely:upyeah:
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  5. A Boxhill special:upyeah:..........what no Buell's racing back then?
  6. Are you selling the coat hanger?
  7. How sure are you?

    I've read that Neatsfoot oil oxidises the leather and makes it more brittle over time. Whereas Ranapur state that their leather conditioner contains a mix of oils and waxes.

    I'm only going by what I've read, and I've never tried Neatsfoot oil. Though I've used Renapur to good effect.
  8. I’ve been using neats then renapur for ages with no issues. Not heard of neats making things go brittle, quite the opposite as I’ve used it on saddles regularly to keep them supple.
  9. Great jacket.Would love to get my hands on a Meccanice Old Times jacket,released around the time of the Sport Classic
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  10. I did read that it dries and makes leather brittle over time, but that was written on a site where they were selling their own product (leather honey) so likely a biased opinion, i used to use all the time in the tack room many moons ago when i was an apprentice jockey, that and saddle soap. But to be honest the jacket is still really really supple, it's not been stored in the heated house, it was hung in plastic bag and inside a suit carrier in the loft so i think a clean with saddle soap and some wax will do the job - i'm going to try Renapur i think. :)
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  11. Which one is that? Got a pic?
  12. unnamed.jpg
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  13. Mines not the same as either of those, but its a cousin!

  14. The same article i read that says don't use neetsfoot oil also recommends not using mayonnaise, and not to use food products either!!, and i've already bought a jar of Hellmans to treat the jacket.. :thinkingface:

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  15. As the pandemic has stopped me riding for fun, I figured it's a good time to clean and feed my leathers.

    I noticed that Renapur contains both waxes and oils, so I wonder if Neatsfoot oil adds any benefit?

    Though I think Duckswax is slightly better than Renapur (albeit I'm not sure if there's much to choose between them).
  16. @apatchy, you have inspired me to look out something I bought probably 20 years ago now.
    and yes, signed by the man himself. Andy
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  17. I’ve still got one of those for sale - zip does up the other way so supposed to be ladies
  18. not ducati labeled, but i still have mine from 30+years ago (i got it when i was vvv,young) i still fit in it. and now wear it when off road.
  19. You're older than you let on - watchin' you :bucktooth::D
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