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Joined The Forum A Prospective Owner & Returned A Panigale 1199 Owner!!! Hello From Stafford!!!

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Riviera81, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Hi to all from sunny Stafford!

    I joined this wonderful forum during the lock down and received lots of guidance from other forum members in helping me to choose my first Ducati. I had considered 848s/1098s/1198s, even Hypermotards, but my dream Ducati has always been the Panigale and now I am the delighted owner of this 2012 1199. It's a two owner bike (+me) and has covered sensible miles with full Ducati history. It has the benefit of ABS and also a FULL Termi system - it sounds amazing!!! I believe the baffles may have been removed and wondered whether anybody has some suitable replacements for sale, as the previous owner doesn't have them. I want to get on track soon with the bike and don't think it would pass the noise Nazis test! Please get in-touch if you can help!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to becoming an active member of the Ducati community and intend to remain a proud owner for many years to come!

    Thanks in advance for more of the forums wisdom, guidance and comadary.

    Let's hope the sunshine sticks around for a while!!!

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  2. Welcome and enjoy
  3. Welcome dude
  4. welcome riviera81'
  5. Happy welcome mate
  6. Welcome aboard. I’ve got some Termi baffles somewhere
  7. Hello :upyeah:.
  8. Welcome to the forum.
  9. Where are my bins :thinkingface: you forget the pics we like them and it keeps me happy

    Welcome into our mad house
  10. Welcome fella :):upyeah:
  11. Greetings! Looks like a great new toy.
  12. Welcome to the Forum :upyeah:nice driveway but as said above @Ducbird likes to see photos of bins not bushes:joy:
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  13. Ta for driveway love! I'm afraid I can't take the credit for it, or the bushes, as it's my parents gaff :joy:!!!
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  14. Awesome! Please let me know if you are able to lay your hands on them and if they will fit my zaust! Also, how many silver coins I would need to cross your palm with to part you from them :joy:!?
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  15. Just dug these out, never actually fitted them on mine and highly unlikely I will now. Bought them off a 1199 owner a while back. 50 quid or something like that

  16. Welcome fella, nice wheels, not so sure about that badge on yer jacket though!
  17. Welcome, you're only down the road from me too.

    TBH I doubt putting baffles in your termi's will get you past the noise test, Pani's have dispensation for standard pipes only on MSV tracks
  18. Hello and welcome
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