Just A Quick Hello To Fellow 851 Riders

Discussion in '851 / 888' started by MADASL, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Been a while since my last visit. Purchased this little beauty a few years back. Not perfect but around the roads of Mid-Wales where I live now it is just close to sublime.

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  2. Hi Mark. Nice sp4alike. Are you still fabricating and building specials?
  3. Been a little slow the last few years. Taking a role as a motorsport engineering lecturer for a few years and moved house/workshop this year. Back to trackday hiring and building bikes full time now though.
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  4. Weren’t you south west somewhere before? Whereabouts in mid wales? I like riding over there when the weather picks up :upyeah:
  5. Was in Wiltshire now just outside Llandrindod Wells - very central for great roads and ride outs.

    I do plan to organise a few gatherings when the improved weather arrives.
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  6. Welsh TT territory then :upyeah:
  7. Not far assuming it goes ahead.
  8. Nice one.
    Any plans with it?

  9. No plans apart from slowly sorting paintwork. Wiring was sorted last year.
  10. Hi Mark,
    Very nice indeed enjoy.
    Regards from the Wirral.
    May give you shout in August as for last three years put a display of Duc's on at Llanfest Bke Show
  11. Thanks - and feel free to ask for help with the show.
  12. Thanks - and feel free to ask for help with the show.
  13. Wrong tail unit for SP4/ SP3 better looking bike:upyeah:
  14. It's also fitted with the wrong quick release fuel connectors, air tubes, headers are spaghetti system made by myself which are also not as the factory intended and don't mention the footpegs;)
  15. It had better go ahead I’ve bought my tickets!.
  16. Hello I ride through Ryhader all the time when the weather is ok......
    Cross gates to Newtown
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  17. I know there is an 851/888 Forum that is alive and well but anyone interested in starting an informal register of bikes on here and even possibly arranging a meet?

    851 Strada (forgotten the year)
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  18. Nice road but busy - more just as good but much quieter in the same area. I'm only a few miles from Crossgates - feel free to drop me a line and pop in next time your passing.