Just Another Newbie With All The Gear & No Idea...yet!

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  1. Hello all,
    Well another midlife crisis, not really, just wanted to own another motorbike, passed my motorbike test in 2013, bought a CBR600RR, did the Police BikeSafe course and the Ron Haslam track day at Donnington Park, but it then became an ornament and I ended up selling it after 18 months or so, looking back the CBR was quite small for my size and at my age the riding position wasn't comfortable, but part of me still feels like I didn't give my biking career a fair crack of the whip, so at 48 I'm back in the saddle with this thing of absolute beauty, the Ducati's 848 Street Fighter.

    I've taken it out for the first time and I'm already hooked, I've made quite a few adjustments, rear brake position, set rear adjustable swing arm back to standard ride height, changed the Oberon 40mm bar riser the CNC Racing standard bar riser that was in the accompanying box of bits, upped the DTC to keep me safe whilst I learn the bike etc.

    Now for the simple questions and observations,

    Which other forums should I join in my pursuit of SF knowledge?
    Fancy the quick shift, pros/cons?
    Have noticed that it really is a bit choppy at low revs, so riding at 30mph in 2nd is a bit lumpy, any idea on how to iron this out? clutch upgrade??
    That's it for now, here are some pics of my new dream bike, hope you like it as much as I do!!
    Any and all words of advise will be greatly received
    Dave IMG_3668.jpg s-l1600 (10).jpg s-l1600 (5).jpg s-l1600 (4).jpg s-l1600 (3).jpg
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  2. Welcome David
  3. She's a beauty, shame the bloody bikes in the way!
    Welcome to the forum Dave.
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  4. Welcome SF dude :cool::upyeah:
  5. Welcome along :cool:
  6. Sorry, bin pics to follow :D
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  7. welcome along'
  8. Lucky I was about to ........:thinkingface:
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  9. It's common practice to lower the gearing a little to smooth things out at lower speeds..
    Lazy way to achieve this is to go down one tooth to a 14 tooth sprocket at the front.
    It's better practice to go up a couple of teeth at the back but that involves a longer chain.
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  10. Custom map maybe for the lumpiness?
  11. Welcome and enjoy. Nice bike & car! :upyeah:
  12. Isn’t that the bin in the background??

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  13. Welcome.

    Plus 1 for upping the rear sprocket size, this places the gearing into the bike's "happy rev spot" around town and makes for a quick and easy uplift in acceleration. It's one of the best mods for Ducatis out there : o )

    You could go down a tooth on the front sprocket to 14t but there is a school of thought that this increases wear & tear on the drive train as the turning circle for the chain becomes slightly tight at the front end. Not everyone agrees on this point. My random-stranger-on-the-internet advice is go bigger rear sprocket and if necessary, a longer chain.
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  14. Welcome aboard:upyeah:and matching Socks welldone that man
  15. Welcome.....lovely bike by the way!!
  16. Welcome!:) Looks like a really nice example you've got there, enjoy! With a few mods like handlebars and Oberon slave the 848 s/f is superb.

    Don't start messing with the gearing yet! Have the TPS reset and throttle body balance checked, when that's right they run smoothly and pull like a train and a q/s makes them even more fun.
  17. Welcome Dave ... yup 1 tooth down on the front sprocket and a remap it will be a different bike :upyeah:
  18. Welcome, lovely bike,ride safe
  19. You’ll probably find all the info you need on this forum, it appears to have fewer idiots than some of the others (note I said fewer) I’d leave the bike as it is for a while as you need time to get used to it, V twins are different beasts the 4 cyls they demand and teach good throttle control, nice looking bike enjoy.
  20. You ca