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Featured Just Bought 900 Ss!

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Scottiebike, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. 20200801_113533.jpg

    Just bought this little beauty! My first Ducati :) 1993, 9600 miles from new. Completely standard apart from clutch slave cylinder - DEF brand ? Very light action clutch lever. Barrel studs were silver in colour , nuts black - assume that they have not been changed?
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  2. Well done dude.. once you get it painted yellow we can be mates!
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  3. Joking bro. Nice bike! Get ready to show folks up.
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  4. Hi and welcome. Ignore the yellow brigade. We all know red is faster.
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  5. Hello and welcome.
  6. Welcome dude beautiful bike !!
  7. O
    only when you go red coz it's your round
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  8. Congratulations on your investment.
  9. Yellow for all sub 750 Ducati's other than my 749 which is exempt as it's a special.

    Oh yes and welcome
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  10. Nice bike. You really should tidy that rubble away though. Maybe into a bin to keep some forum mods happy. ;)
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  11. Very nice, enjoy.:upyeah:
  12. Very nice, almost original condition!
    My first one was a 93 the best colour combination - Gold Frame with Black Wheels.
    Simple "improvements" are Red Mirrors, a set of cans, a longer shock from the later ie, modified airbox lid (but don't chop yours if it is standard, as it sounds like they are getting hard to find) and a dynojet kit.....beware the modification bug might bite - I have a 916 too so have managed to resist any further performance mods.
    Head studs and Rectifier are likely to be first on your shopping list.
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  13. sellers front drive - not mine!
  14. thanks for the welcome - can somebody confirm how to check if studs are indeed original? searched forum and there was a few conflicting ideas! Rectifier - wasn't aware it was a problem? Battery leads have been replaced with heavier grade ones, seller has just replaced tyres, belts & all fluids so ready to ride!
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  15. Yep had a rectifier go on a Paso years ago, would run fine without headlights with headlights flat battery. For balance had a rectifier go on a Fireblade that just cut out though whilst riding.
  16. Bloody lovely Scottie. :upyeah:
  17. Head studs, regulator/ rectifier and a perforated tank are all commonplace on a bike of this age.
    Check the head studs regularly, you’ll know when one lets go
    The rectifier will let you know if it starts playing up by illuminating the battery warning light on the dash
    The tank, if it leaks, will be on the left hand side near to the seat. If this lets go it’s an internal reseal job.
    Have been out on mine today, it’s a lovely bike and a pleasure to own.
  18. The studs should be dark in colour. If silver then they are stainless and are prone to snapping so are best replaced. It has low miles so hasnt done so far but Id get those changed. As far as rectifier, they can go too. Id recommend a Shindegen as a Mosfet rectifier, or you can get a replacement aftermarket from Electrex world. Ill get a photo of the better studs for you as my engines in bit just now. Personally I think these are great bikes to upgrade, I have, to quite a degree.
  19. Looks clean and presentable......enjoy the journey.:upyeah:
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