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Featured 996 Just Bought A 996 Pics And Questions!

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by drumm23, Apr 7, 2020.

  1. Alright lads!

    After a bit of guidance from the eBay thread, I bought a 996 from eBay unseen and had it shipped to Dublin .... turned up this morning and, luckily for me, it appears to be in great shape -- I am thrilled with how beautiful the yellow is in the flesh! What a stunning bike!

    We are on total lockdown over here so could only take her out for a couple of miles but really enjoyed the sensation of it; I'm coming to it from a Monster and a SF so very different obviously.

    Have a few quick questions that you might be able to guide me on... my other queries I'll leave until I've done some searching through the archives here - I'm sure most things have been answered already :upyeah:

    Firstly, main thing, I'm over 6'3'' so am used to not quite fitting on bikes - on the 996 the pegs are actually not bad with plenty of legroom - but the bars are definitely too low for me - is there any riser that people might recommend - there's a ton of them on eBay but would appreciate a bit of guidance?

    Secondly, the little Corse shield stickers that I've pictured ... they're not bad but I'm not totally gone on them -- if I take them off is there a reasonably high chance that the paint underneath will be a different colour o_O ... I mean there's not much advice anyone can give on this but I'm just nervous to remove them when she looks so well and thought somebody might have experience of it?:)

    Lastly, there's a little molex type connector under the seat ... what's that for?

    Thanks for any advice, really do appreciate it. Love these bikes :motorcycleduc:



    Corse stickers:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Congrats Drumm. Nice bike :) :upyeah:
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  3. Nice one!
    You could attempt to remove the stickers by heating gently with a hairdryer. If the paint is discoloured...stick em back on!

    Don’t know what a molecule cable is - could it be for a trickle charger perhaps?

    Edit autocorrect molex
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  4. Hurray!!! Been waiting for this, well done and happy that’s is a good un.
    Paint should be ok in my experience. You might have to apply a cutting compound and polish. Worst case (although unlikely here I think) it that the stickers have been lacquered up to their edges. Thus was what started my 748 refurbishment o_O Just take your time getting them off using a hairdryer.

    Ref molex. Old alarm possibly? Any other signs??
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  5. If its a white two way Molex its probably an optimate lead, although those are usually located by the engine breather. There is also the ecu fly lead which has three way connector (not Molex)
  6. Thanks lads :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah: Can't believe the bang per buck!

    Here's a pic of the connector under the seat ... maybe a trickle charger yep ...

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  7. Yep, trickel Charger
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  8. :upyeah: Great, thanks again all!

    If any particularly lanky riders have input on bar risers then that too would be great ;)
  9. There are bar risers available, some have made do with swapping the bars over to give a higher position, whatever you do will most likely involve adjustments to the brake and clutch fluid bottle mountings, they're close to the screen to start with.
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  10. Best of luck buddy with the new bike she looks tasty !! 6,3 on a 996 you will be snug !!! :D
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  11. Blimey that got too you very quickly :upyeah:
    Now you have time on your hands to take the fairings off and give a look over and yes lose the two stickers, i would start with the tail sticker first, it is easy to take them off.

    How did you find the seller easy to deal with, he seems to be selling a few bikes now, nice 750 he has now for sale.
  12. Nice bike Drumm, well done:upyeah:
  13. I am 6 3 and ride a 748R. The only way I can relieve the pain in my wrists is to ride faster.
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  14. Lovely bike, congrats
  15. i'm 6'1 and find my 916 only just right. i have a spare (only used once oxford charger), you can have it for £20 plus postage, unless you can find one at a better price then no worries. worth having one tho, the batteries go and it really does screw things up potentially
  16. jsut checked the price of a brand new oxford charger, might as well buy new!
  17. Nice bike Drumm
  18. Check the new one has the right connector. I doubt a new one will match your old type, looking at your photo. So make sure the new one comes with the battery connector leads as well.
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