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Featured Just Got Myself A 916!

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by ASK, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. Hi All!!!
    After years of coveting the 916 finally managed to get one. Complete impulse buy.
    It's a '97 Biposto and am waiting for Ducati Customer Relations to come back to me within the bike's history.
    Looking at the MOT certs looks like it was last used on public roads in 2011and from what I was told by dealer it was part of someone's Ducati collection. 14,000 miles on the clock and fairly standard apart from some carbon bits and the exhaust (which is still a Ducati). The original exhausts came with the bike too.

    A question about the sidestand switch. There isn't one on the sidestand though the relay is present. Looking at the Haynes manual it would appear there is no sidestand relay in the wiring diagram so it's a bit confusing why there is one on the bike. Haven't had a chance to investigate the wiring further yet.
    Another query is the battery light remains on for a few minutes till the bike warms up but then goes off. Is that normal? The battery is brand new and the bike gets started up every week but haven't had a chance to take it out yet.
    916 PIC 1.jpg
    916 PIC 2.jpg Img_2020_12_25_19_01_26.jpeg Img_2020_12_25_19_01_42.jpeg
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  2. Welcome
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  3. Hi, there is no side stand switch on those so whichever relay you’re looking at isn’t for that, where’s the relay?

    Be aware the standard side stand is the ‘suicide’ type ie it retracts automatically as soon as weight is taken off it. Be careful you don’t drop the bike as a consequence of this.

    Having said both those there’s no knowing whether previous owners have a) fitted a side stand switch (unlikely) or b) adapted the side stand so it doesn’t flick up automatically.

    Enjoy :upyeah:
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  4. Greetings!

    Very nice bike matey.
  5. Welcome and enjoy. Lovely bike.
  6. Welcome aboard, great find
  7. Welcome to the forum buddy, tidy 916, enjoy
  8. Thank you all!
    The relay is in the usual place - next to the battery Infront of the coolant fan relay (see pic) but definitely no sidestand switch.
    Thanks for the heads up for the suicide stand. Think this is a semi suicide stand as it doesn't quite flick up on its own but definitely doesn't take much to do so 16132944396948755306720857239079.jpg !
  9. nice looking bike, welcome
  10. Nice 916! I hope she proves worthy of the long wait
  11. Nice one, congratulations
  12. Belts and valves await you!
    Check the wiring and connector from stator to regulator/rectifier. Might be a symptom of voltage irregularities.

    Spring not far away- you're going to love riding this machine!
  13. Welcome on board,:upyeah:..and get yourself a paddock stand pdq just incase any slip ups.
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  14. Lovely :) don’t forget my bin pics we like them and it keeps me happy
    Wait till you get out you will love it

    welcome into our mad house
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  15. Welcome mate, lovely bike :upyeah:
  16. Thank again you all!!! Am like a boy with Christmas toy currently lol. Had wanted one for years and can't decide whether to ride it or just stare at it lol. Hopefully will get a few rides in if the weather improves.

    Have got the Abba stand though it cost more as I thought would make it easier for storage over winter with both tyres off the ground and also to work on the bike.
    Have ordered a few bits to make it as original as possible. For the eagle eyes amongst you there is an alloy sprocket cover pit on the bike (the color of which doesn't remotely match the beautiful red of the Ducati). Have found an original plastic cover on eBay for £12 as well as an original new toolkit for £45 but includes the C spanner to tension the chain. Looking out for the seat hinge pins with the rubber bung as they have been replaced with bolts and nuts.

    Still not sure about all the decals but they are growing on me. Unfortunately they are not just stuck on but properly lacquered over so can't really get them off even if I wanted to.
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  17. It’s definitely each to their own when it comes to how they are decorated, personally I don’t think the original can be improved on so I’m in the “back to standard” camp. Whatever you prefer, it’s a bike for riding there’s no doubt about that, you’ll bloody love it I’m sure. And get ready to rack the miles up on your credit card, once you start working on them it’s hard to know when to stop :p
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  18. Great to have you here ,excellent intro and bike :)
  19. I had mine since 2014 and still grinning from ear to ear six years later.:upyeah:
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  20. Bought mine in 1997. Only had two problems, 1 the seat hinge broke and 2 the wiring harness chaffed through as it had been incorrectly routed. Loved the bike a 916 is a 916 art in mechanical form. I tend to go with the keep it standard route, fewer and fewer that have not been messed with. Welcome and enjoy.
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