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Featured Just What Is It About Ducati's ?????

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by superduke, Mar 22, 2021.

  1. as the title says, what is it about these bikes that provokes such emotion ? or otherwise ? we all knew they weren't the best, dodgy electrics, poor build quality (early models) Ill start this off......

    at a race meeting at Snetterton, many many moons ago, i stood next to some guy on a heavily modified bevel 900 SS, black and gold with open pipes, the noise from this thing was astonishing, hairs up on the back of my neck, made the ground shake with the percussive thump from each piston firing, out on the track it was no slouch either, keeping up with the latest from Japan. since then, that's all i ever wanted, that booming twin frightening everything within a 100 mile radius, and now i have one.....................
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  2. When they get it right - which is sometimes not that often - they get it VERY right and that makes up for the problems.

    21 years ago I had a half hour test ride on a Honda Fireblade. I ended up buying a 1997 900ss.

  3. The first time I saw a ducati I was smitten
    The garage door opened and there she was in a beautiful red with square headlight and 900SS in gold graphics
    My first hearing of her starting up made me giggle and wanting to be a pillion
    I pestered and pestered and I was not disappointed
    So much so I was told to pass my test and get my own :D

    I’m still smitten
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  4. The main thing for me is the character that most other bikes don't have, sure they have their quirks, crap steering lock and sidestands, and sometimes poor fuelling, but they make you grin, every time!
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  5. Shiny
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  6. It’s certainly not a Ducati exclusive thing, I think the same can be said for all Italian premium brands. I got lead to Ducati via MV Agusta.
    Got all the usual stick about reliability bla, bla, bla. Always from those that have never owned one. But when you ride them they are in a different league. I went back to a jap bike after my MV’s and quickly regretted it hence the purchase of my Multistrada.

    it’s like they say about cars, your not really a car fan until you’ve owned an Alfa
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  7. The looks and sounds, also when you dismount it's like you've been plugged into the live 240volt mains for hours, feel the energy folks.
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  8. Permanently on trend brand. They look and sound cool. That’s it...
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  9. I think the first time I properly noticed Ducati it may have been a pun 851, just liked the look of it. Then Foggy came along but they were just out of reach. I sat on a Pani and a Super Sport at the bike show a couple of years back (the Ducati girls were the best) Then December 2019 I don’t know what came over me but I was browsing t’interweb when I saw my bike for sale at super bike factory, 15 month warranty and free delivery, I bought it without seeing it or ever riding one. Love it, don’t regret it.

    My mate takes the piss about reliability but no issues yet. I’ve had a Triumph Stag for 14 years and they’re supposed to be unreliable, all this from people whom have never owned either.

    Would I have another Ducati? Yup, nothing else grabs my attention.
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  10. Except that shortly it's the bike you'll be plugging into 240v and waiting for hours to charge and feel any energy :(
  11. That's like having a roast dinner without the gravy.....no thanks.
  12. I just wanna be prime Carl fogarty :bucktooth:
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  13. Only if you buy one :upyeah:
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  14. I kind of like the parts bin, hand-built side of it's history.
    If you put a room full of 1970s, 1980s,90s, 00s superbikes together, I'd bet that people with no interest in bikes would be drawn towards the Ducati/Italian bikes more than most others.
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  15. That rattling, erratic and thumping tick over upon starting on a quiet early warm sunny Sunday morning.
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  16. Not me mate, not unless I have no choice. Even the modern post 2005 Ducatis don't float my boat, same with most other manufacturers too, but that's probably just my age ;)
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  17. I love the sound of Termignoni’s in the morning.

    The Akra sounds pretty good too.
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  18. I tested one and liked it that was it.....

    ...then it creeps in, t shirts a hoody. We travel to Italy most years so start pronouncing it "Doo cart e" as they do over there.
    ...then we visit the factory

    I got a triumph which i prefer, and should have sold the Duke but could not bring myself to do it.
    Now i have lined up a V4S Multi....they have got me!
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  19. Nobody's mentioned the smell? They always have a unique smell, it's actually mentioned on one of the 44teeth video's, probably just fueling, or the unique smell of something slowly melting, either way it's unique!

    I've got a complicated relationship with them because I grew up when everything in BSB was Ducati, you had the RedBull Ducati's and GSE Ducati 996's and so that was what I fell in love with. I've generally found them hard work on the road, especially the 848 Evo, which I've had 2 of and kept changing handlebars, top yokes etc to try and get to a point where I could feel comfortable enough for a ride without feeling physically wrecked.

    The Panigale's have all been better, my 899 was probably my favourite Ducati all round really, looked stunning in it's own way, which is different to the 996, rode brilliant, and was comfortable enough.

    Either way I can't quite give up on Ducati's... and I do keep coming back...

    Recently though I've got hold of an old RSV Mille which I'm doing a bit of work to and putting some miles on, I have to say I do like the 60 Degree twin, maybe more than the Ducati's, it's just got a smoothness too it and a slightly cheekier tone that draws me in. And now I'm looking at RSV4's again... FFS
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  20. Smell ?

    Did I read that right ?

    There aren't half some strange-oids on this forum ..... :grinning::rolleyes::D

    Personally , for starters , I love the rumbling sound ( I could probably live without hearing
    the clutch sounding like a few quids worth of loose change , but it's all part of the package )

    I also love all of that low-down grunty torque ( you get that with a lot of big twins of course )
    but Ducatis keep on revving when those other twins are all done , and they continue to deliver power ,
    ..... and a rather tasty roaring sound .
    ( Oh yeah , did I mention the handling ? )

    Other than that , I hate the bloody things !
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