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For Sale Kawasaki Z900 Price Reduced

Discussion in 'Other Bikes For Sale' started by Pauldonjuan, Jul 29, 2019.

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  1. I'm offering for sale my Z900, 1976 with only 21310 original miles (will go up slightly as I'm still using it) It's an original bike (NOT RESTORED) All original paint as it left the factory. It has the period chrome clock covers and a nice period 4 into 1 Vance n Hines exhaust, everything else is original with the correct date codes etc. It is a well looked after bike in nice clean and fully serviced condition and new tyres. UK registration in my name. Looking for £8250
    Please call for more info or for more pictures. 07754 524002
    Located in Southport.




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  2. Price? Unless you want offers of corn based snacks.
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  3. Wotsits perhaps :eyes:

    Is it a US import or other? How long in the UK? :thinkingface:
  4. price in description now I don't like Watsits!
    It is a US import from a couple of years back.
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  5. Nice. GLWS :) :upyeah:
  6. Very nice, just wish I had the spare cash in my bike bucket:(. Seems fairly priced too. GLWS.
  7. Bargain price now £8250.
  8. Great price for this bike. It would be £14K in a robbing car dealers showroom. Might be worth investing in a Doremi 4into 4, black clock covers, and asking more money... GLWS
  9. Yes I know, if I still have it next year that is probably what I’ll do.
    My thoughts now was to aim at folk who want one that can be improved on for a reasonable price.
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  10. Hi,
    Do you know how to private message?
  11. Just pm’d you.
  12. Just click on the person's name then select 'start a conversation' from the pop up window. For next time.
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  13. Sold yet?
  14. Still on offer for sale.
  15. Thread closed
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