Ken Dodd Rip.

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  1. Someone forgot to tell Ricky Tomlinson. He's a hard-left fanatic, a fully paid up Maggie hater and a massive Ken Dodd fan.

    I guess some people are imprisoned by their politics and incapable of setting it aside and others are not.
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  2. He was one of a kind, similar to Bob Monkhouse in that he had notebooks with thousands of jokes. His performances were 100% rehearsed,nothing left to chance, superb preparation.
    Anyone who beats HMRC is ok by me.

    God bless him and RIP. He made me laugh, and he never swore, I like that.
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  3. Having been on the hard end of Thatcherism I can't forgive or forget.
    The women divided the country more so than any other and I was on the other side to her.

    Steve R
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  4. I have had over 1000 Nukes, Disagrees and dislikes today from Creamy for giving him a retaliatory drama queen - I must admit I retaliated with about 200 or so but quickly got bored as he continued in his apoplectic state. All I can think of is you must have got caught in the cross fire :worried: so I will now go and change it for you to a drama queen for you :blush: chill dude :cool::upyeah:
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  5. You have a love heart but treat it as a man hug dude :worried:
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  6. Is this life in some form of light hearted jesting comical role?? :thinkingface:
  7. I didn't mention you, I made a general observation. If the cap fits, wear it. If it doesn't, move on. Doesn't matter to me either way.
    Still, if you do feel offended at least you're still alive to defend yourself.
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  8. :sob::sob::sob:

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  9. As I said - I've had around a thousand today from Creamy - it's a love thing on here, unless your a drama queen, then it's a drama queen thing - you'll be fine :):upyeah:
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  10. Come on everybody, this post is for Ken Dodd, not a lot of silly time wasting irrelevant banter,can we please get back to the thread topic?
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  11. In my experience is only meant as a bit of fun :) don't take anything personal on here dude :):upyeah:
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  12. Well, if you put them on ignore that's the best thing to do, not many have the sense to do so :neutral:
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  13. I just say fuck em all. Then I regret it, love karma. I say fuck em, I usually get fucked.

    I will never ever ride a fucking scooter :bucktooth: well maybe, some day
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  14. I've just worked out who you are :eek: Maaaam...

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  15. Ah not worth getting worked up over on a bike forum. You got your reasons and someone pressed something in you. No harm, we all have our buttons and sometimes if people knew it would piss them off, they probably wouldn’t do it.
  17. I'm right! Just ignore me yermajesty :rolleyes:
  18. Learn to quote Maaaam, ffs! :D
  19. I’m trying to watch some porn here, doing this one handed
  20. Good girl :):upyeah:
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