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998 Kirk Morgan - Migliore Rearsets

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by TTBen, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Hi all, I am after some simple rearsets for my 998S.

    I came across references to these rearsets by Kirk Morgan - they look great but it appears the website has gone down. I will dig out their number and try them tomorrow.

    Meantime, I was wondering if you knew of any rearsets in a similar style? I'm not a fan of bikes like Gilles etc - they're too fussy and in my mind, not in keeping with the bike.

  2. TommyB has a set for sale
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  3. I believe Migliore has stopped making rearsets for the 748-9** models. Ebay have a few similar items from people like Gas Cap Dude etc. but these feature a race shift pattern.
  4. The old man passed away a couple of years ago and his son has less interest in bikes so has run stock down. I might have had his last set for my 853. Andy
  5. Yep, as above. I contacted them last year and they have nothing left and won't be producing any more. Harris rear sets are a good option, if you can find any.
  6. Thinking about it, Russ at Ducati mondo had some in and he'll probably be able to sort you out with all the other bits you need.

  7. Yes I have a set of DP ones for sale
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  8. That's sad news. They had also ran out when I spoke to them just over a couple of years ago and did another batch. Was probably the last
  9. Just read this. Ah, sad news. They are great and work so well on the bike. Wonder if a company could make copies of these? They really suit the bike and are very functional!
  10. Avoid the Gas Cap Dude ones. The profile of the hanger is all wrong/too proud. A a result it constantly caffs at your boot quickly ruining it. I had mine machined down.
    I contacted the seller who basically didn't give a shit and was actually quite hostile, suggesting I should have asked is permission to modify it!


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