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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Justatad, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Flew over from Bristol Monday morning with squeezy jet, £296 4 nights, quality hotel, staying in the old Jewish town district, the food & beer are so well priced, 9 zloty Tyskie polish lager, very good, equates to £1.75 ...thoroughly recommend it, visited Auschwitz / Birkenau today, extremely humbling
    So far ...highly recommended






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  2. When I get my insurance pay-out, I was thinking of going to Poland. My great grandfather was a Polish immigrant who arrived in East London in the 1800s. I've looked into biking it and it's about 1000 miles doing it direct on boring motorways :-( Bristol Airport is my nearest international airport (although it is a pain to get to) but which Polish airport did you fly to?
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  3. Krakow :)
  4. I’m glad you wrote it
  5. Hey, your on holiday, enjoy, we've got you covered :):upyeah:
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  6. Use Birmingham mate, easier all round
  7. Birmingham: Jet2 to Krakow :):upyeah:
  8. It is quite feasible to ride to Poland. This was the bike parking area at Auschwitz in July 2015 - my bike is the red Multistrada.

    Ausch parking - 18-07-15.jpg
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  9. I believe the Salt Mines are worth the visit, plenty of steps mind!
  10. When I looked at the route and distance on Tyre, It didn't look very practical. How long (roughly) did it take you to ride there?
  11. Yes. Although Brum is further away, I think it may be easier. Might be possible by train as well.
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  12. Went a few weeks ago, loved the place, getting a guide is a good idea as there are a few hidden gems that are easily overlooked, corpus Christi church being one of them.
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  13. It is. Take me about 1hr 10 ish by car, Bristol 90 min at least unless travelling before 6am. And you can get a train or even bus direct (from Gloucester anyway)
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  14. I remember going into a pub in a place I think called Planty, it was one of those massive drinking halls, where the bar tenders all wore long white coats like scientists.
    The gents toilets was equipped with a special Stainless steel sink standing on its own, dedicated to throwing up in!
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  15. looks like Noobie accompanied you, with his helmet trailer on the rear..
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  16. Calais to Auschwitz (Oswiecim) is about 900 miles by shortest route. Two days would be feasible, if you were in a hurry. Half way would be around Kassel / Eisenach. It's about the same distance as Calais to Florence.

    I went via Hook of Holland, Trier, Stuttgart, Dachau, Salzburg, and Vienna to Oswiecim. Came back via Warsaw, Potsdam, Wuppertal, and Calais. Took in various sights I wanted to see, friends to visit, etc. so I spent about three weeks altogether.
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  17. Fantastic country to visit.Very friendly people.Went there in 1998 on my blade stopped in Krakow,great place.Visited Auschwitz and like you said very humbling!! One thing I noticed....no birds flying or chirping,not one very strange.Met an old guy in a restaurant who recognized my Lincolnshire accent and he asked where in Lincolnshire I lived.So told him a small village called Saxilby.His reply was “Is the Sun Inn still open,I used to drink in there on my days off.I flew Lancasters out of Scampton during the war”
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  18. Found that at Oradour Sur Glane in France..
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  19. That's the spares kit every multistrada has when going further than waitrose
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