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Ktm...didn’t Think It Was Possible....

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Poucher, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. But somehow they have managed to make the Superduke even uglier than it is now !!

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  2. i think that's rather horn provoking.
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  3. At the top of my list for the ultimate road bike, loved my previous Katoom's so I'm sorely tempted.
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  4. They could have painted the wheels orange too :thinkingface:
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  5. Nice licence plate holder.
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  6. Handy for bungee cording your sandwiches to
  7. Not as nice as my old one.... d.jpg
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  8. Agreed, much prefer the more exposed framework. Bet that AR pipe makes a nice sound.
  9. Certainly did...!
  10. Blue and orange is a bit horrid.
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  11. Full system as per the video of it on track , Tail tidy , Bar end mirrors and seat cowl it'll be alright
  12. Each model update, irrespective of brand, generally introduces incremental improvements on the previous one - in this case it wasn't in the looks dept!
    I'm happy to have a Gen 2 :)[​IMG]
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  13. I can't find a single bike mate who thinks it's anything other than gash... it's far too 'Big in the middle' and the wheels just look weird.
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  14. What is it? A motorcycle?
  15. It's not as good looking proportion wise as the gen 1 or 2 no doubt, but by the time you've done the basics with tail tidy seat cowl and mirrors it'll be a damn site better.

    Still, I might just get a gen 2 now I know what's on offer.

    The SF V4 isn't particularly good looking, in fact it's just not, still has a front end too low and a face 90% the same as a kawasaki ZX (?)

    And at eleventy million gazillion I just couldn't justify the bike based on anything it offers. I mean I've ridden plenty of high power nakeds on track, at no point have I managed to hit Superbike speeds down straights simply because of aero dynamics, so whether it's got 200bhp or not I'm afraid physics will tell you otherwise when a 165bhp Superbiker tucked behind the bubble passes you.

    Same gig in the corners really.

    Nakeds should be more about outright torque and punchy throttles, and given the money I'm not sure whether I can justify the ducati unfortunately......bastards
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  16. They can fucking shift, I'll say that! Jez McWilliams is the development rider for those bad boys. I've had some track tuition from him and the way he razzes one of those round track is unreal!
    On the V4S I was rolling off a bit on the straights (think I've got ~40hp more, so no surprise) but his corner entry and exit speed is amazing. It's a seriously capable and stable bike in the right hands. And I'll be with him again in a couple of weeks in Jerez. Can't wait :):upyeah:
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  17. Yeah, only grey's and black's go with orange.
  18. A black Gen 2 passed me this morning along the Euston Road. I heard it coming before i saw it - think they look great still and may consider one as my next (weekend) bike.

    Just the headlight is a bit iffy, but isn't that quite true of all nakeds? Can't think of one where it has looked good (rather than ok).
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  19. So i've been looking at these again, as quite fancy treating myself this year. Life's too short and all that.

    I was actually looking at Neeves' SFV4 review on YouTube, and this (the beast 3.0) was in the sidebar. No comparison, in my opinion (what a funny world we are in now where a KTM (in black though) looks nicer than the new £20k Ducati)

    Anyone ridden one yet - is it best to go for the latest model, as a weekend road toy, or is the gen 2 perfectly fine?
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  20. Gen 1 or 2 will be fine but may as well go gen 2.

    Id have another gen 1 without a second thought but am aiming for a 2 or 3.

    Like a Carol Vorderman answer that isn't it?

    I'll take 2 from the top Carol :joy:

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