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Featured Labour Love...

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Mark Langford, May 2, 2021.

  1. Well, my pub ‘motorpint’ on the rattlebox was ruined by the weather so I set about the polish......4 hours spent and I reckon looking pretty good



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  2. Very nice. You can come round mine :D
  3. Nice work
  4. That motorcycle deserves a proper Ducati mat underneath it....surely.:thinkingface:
  5. v. impressed you posted on a thread with the "L" word in the title. :upyeah:
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  6. Sorry mate...

    Love San Miguel!

  7. Beautiful job mate, looks fantastic :upyeah:
  8. Thank you :upyeah:
  9. OCD is a wonderful thing.
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