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Labours New Leader

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by Alan williams, Jan 2, 2020.

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  1. They will struggle to find one that can do either.

    Edited thanks to Robarano. :D
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  2. right direction for who Al?. you're gonna have to consider that too.
  3. I agree, Strudel will get it :)
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  4. The U.K. - all of it ?
  5. well, you don't need "all" in the UK's FPTP elections, just 30odd % in the right places.
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  6. They will learn nothing and make a catastrophic decision. :)

    Momentum seem to want to hold onto their grip behind the scenes aided by Corbyn staying on to 'help' select the new leader. They are obsessed, it would seem by having a female leader, for no other reason than they are the only major party that hasn't had one yet and it niggles them to have that thrown in their faces. Their members don't represent the demographic of the country and won't select an electable leader (I did read a few days agao that if Corbyn was standing again, he would get back in with a landslide) :astonished:

    They will become even less electable, voting against everything from a position of opposition. Some commentator said yesterday that they expect Labour to start hoovering up the support of the Lib Dems to become a force again. Persoanlly, I think the Lib Dems are in a postion to do the opposite and take some of the Labour vote as I see nobody moving to Labour in the near future. Then you have BoJo, if he does well, then he may just keep these 'loaned' votes for a very long time.
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  7. Mmmmm strudel. :yum
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  8. As it stands Labour are unelectable. Even in their South Yorkshire heartlands, they only just scraped their seats because of a split BxP/Conservative vote. My MP managed to turn a 22,000 vote majority into a sub 2000 vote scrape. She pulled 13.8K votes, BxP had 12, Tories had 10.8K ... it has never, ever been known here for the Tories to get anything like that number The adjoining constituencies were the same.
    Socialism is dead (it has been since the 60's). Labour are the safest way of assuring a Conservative majority no matter which idiot they stand up front.

    I mean - Abbott as Home Secretary ..really lol ?? She cannot even get her shoes on the correct feet. Photo taken on the 12th December BTW
  9. It's a good job we don't have to rely on your thoughts and drivel then.
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  10. Is it the momentum influence that stops them, in general, from ‘listening’ to what people think / want.
    Surely anyone with a bit of sense can see their direction of the last few years hasn’t been popular with voters.

    If they are convinced they only lost because of their (Corbyns) Brexit stance then again they are not listening.
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  11. Ah, Coco's in. :)
  12. They aren't listening Alan. Listen to Alan Johnson.

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  13. Marxists want power, in order to enforce their evil ideology. They not only do not listen, they will do literally anything in order to seize the power they desire. Democracy is an obstacle to be overcome, not a process to be followed.

    Delighted to have been able to assist you here, Alan.
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  14. The fact that Labour is caught in a triangle of dead ends - Corbyn, Starmer, Wrong-Dailey - gives me more hope and more comfort than any Marxist would find tolerable.

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  15. If i have to exchange views with clowns i'd rather be dressed as Krusty, looking forward to Bojo's Fvck up Circus but not having to survive after his demise........... you have been informed , now sit back and the watch the show.
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  16. Al, what you are gonna get on here, is a lot of people saying labour need to be torys to get elected. consider that with every reply you read
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  17. I don't see a single person on the list that will appeal to voters. :)

    I kind of hope that Rayner gets it. Screaming away on the benches opposite like some bat shit crazed banshee. Stick her in a dressing gown with a fag in her hand while doing it, for maximum comedic effect. :D
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  18. Calm down treacle. You lost and lost badly. Your lot are getting nowhere near power for at least decade and it's going to feel like even longer for you if you don't accept your place in the new order. But fear not, watching the new 'leader' losing the plot, like yourself is at least going to be fun.

    Now chill, there's a good lad. :) :upyeah:
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  19. oh oh the pain........... hang on ... i can live with that. No you're gonna need something a bit more earth shattering than that to feel comfortable Orenz.

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