Lap Timers

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  1. Who uses what?
    How tricky are they to install?
    How tetchy do UK track days get and anyone been kicked off for using one?
  2. A GPS one you can attach to the top yoke. Easy to install then, many run from battery or bike power. More Hz the better, think 10mhz (or whatever the measure is) plus.

    Never touch it while in line, great thing about those type is that it finds the finish line (kind of) so you can turn on in garage and go out ready. First laps may be 5 min long but OK after that.

    Some have tracks built in to make even easier
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  3. Do they do one in hours?? :laughing:
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  4. Cue sundial pictures......
  5. Been doing track days for around 3yrs, i just fit it where it doesn't stand out, i've pretty much had all the lap timers and by far the best is Aim Solo, not sure i'll be going on track again anytime soon so if your'e interested i'll probably be looking for £200 + postage

    Pulled the image off of the net but if you are interested i can sort some pics out in the next day or two

    Aim Solo.jpg
  6. Aim or Starlane are both well used and abused :upyeah:
  7. Didn't go much on the starlane compared to the Aim Solo, just my opinion
  8. I’ve had the Aim Solo and now have the Solo 2. Both great laptimers and never had an issue with being asked to remove it
  9. Is the Solo 2 any better ?
  10. In all honesty not really! The only real improvement in my opinion is the lights on it which give you a clear indication if you are up on your previous best lap time. They’re meant to be making an app for the Solo 2 if that’s your thing but it doesn’t appear to be happening.
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  11. Great improvement, although i got on ok with how the Solo 1 showed up on the screen
  12. :innocent:

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  13. I've got an aim solo and I'd question its accuracy. It didn't seem to tally very well when I cross referenced it against the live timing (transponder) system used on euro track days. +/- ~1 second a lap.
  14. I didn’t cross check my euro track times very closely but on an initial look they seemed very similar. Having a look online I found someone comparing various systems and the Solo2 was within a 10th of a second or so of a transponder system. Which is plenty accurate enough for me!
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  15. I’ve been using a Qstarz thing which logged at 10hz.
    Major drawback is that you have to download to a pc after the end of the day to get your times. But a least your not looking at a display and getting distracted.

    Having said that. I’ve just downloaded Harry’s LapTimer on an old phone to try that next time out.
  16. Are there not some pretty shit hot apps you can load onto a smartphone handset? That'll be my next look see.
  17. I've bought one of these I'll velcro/cable tie somewhere from Amazon:
    Qstarz BT-Q818XT 10Hz 66 Channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver

    Then use Race Chrono or Harry's Lap Timer app on the phone.

    I've bought a money belt to put the phone in but may find a way of attaching on the bike instead as I've been told not to put a phone in the breast pocket.
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  18. Never put your phone in your leathers while on track.
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  19. In a money belt should be OK though shouldn't it?
  20. Um I guess so mate.