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1200 R Late 2016 R Vs 2018 S

Discussion in 'Monster' started by dubcat, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. I’m looking to buy a 1200 monster. I had been looking at 2017/8 S’s. However, my local dealer has a very low mileage September 2016 R in stock.

    What would the late 2016 R have missing vs a more recent S? He said it only has a quick shifter but no auto blipper for down shift .. what else?
  2. You can’t lower the seat on the R but you can on the S
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  3. The quick shifter will be aftermarket as they didn't have them on the R.

    You'll obviously be missing some BHP on the S.

    Not sure if new model has a steering damper or same Ohlins suspension as the R and R has the lightweight wheels also.
  4. 1200s has no steering damper and the suspension is different to the R, but the quick shifter works both up and down with an auto blipper on down shifts.
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  5. I have a 2017 1200R and I don't miss the 1200s quick shifter 1 bit. You can buy a QS for the R anyway, if you really need 1.
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  6. I have deactivated my quick shifter in touring mode as I can change gear smoother and faster myself, it's crap at normal (legal) speeds, way too slow making for a jerky ride.
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  7. Same here,
    The gearbox and clutch action is so smooth, who needs a q.s, go for the R ,more power, better suspension, steering damper, light weight wheels, and looks the dogs, love mine, fantastic bike :)
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  8. Just out of curiosity can the qs and blipper not be enabled on the R....ive got an old RSV4 pre aprc factory, i added the QS from an RS125 then has the qs switched on by a lad on the RSV4 forum along with custom fuel map etc etc...just wondered if it could be the same for this assuming the ECU is the same...
  9. I read somewhere that it is a different ecu ?
  10. Going to go and hopefully seal the deal tomorrow :cool:
  11. Bet you cant wait :)
  12. Haven’t slept for three nights lol! This is only my 3rd bike and the biggest engine I’ve had by far. I feel like a spoiled kid getting a toy he doesn’t deserve.
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  13. Which are you going to buy?
  14. 2016 Monster R ... only has 800 miles!

    Unless you think I’m making a mistake? Never thought I’d spend this kind of money on a bike. I’m very nervous about it.
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  15. I'dve chosen the R too. I know how you feel about that kind of money. I shat myself buying the 1299S, but I had saved that money up over years and sold my current bike etc and frankly, I needed to get it spent before it got spent for me. Wifeys eyeing a new bathroom for instance.
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  16. :eyes:
  17. My Mrs doesn’t even know.. I’ll drop it in to the conversation later tonight. Pray for me brothers.
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  18. Washing is for wimps!
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  19. You only live once, make it count.
  20. I bought a Sept 2016 R ex demo with 900 miles or so on it, last year, & spent far more than I intended to, and got it instead of an S. Did back to back test rides, and the R just had something ‘extra’ despite no quickshifter etc. No regrets.... you enjoy !!
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