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Legalising Drugs In The U.k.

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by noobie, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Yes

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  3. Soft graded drugs only

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  1. There is that annoying niggle like a tick on your bolloxs that keeps saying "we should make drugs legal"

    There is a problem that those advocating it and see it as a freedom, forget conveniently about the reality.

    It is incredibly unlikely to sell the Class A drugs or most illegal dugs so the fight seems to be over Cannabis basically. I'm sure some in here are pro this:D and are connoisseur's. The biggest problem and most obvious, I'd be surprised if they approve the strongest skunk versions given it's link to youth mental health issues so you have effectively legal shops only being allowed to sell standard green.

    But with legal application to sell comes legal requirements and like any legal sale item, the goods themselves are not the only cost. This is an article from the LA Times about what happens when legal erb enters the same controls as most legal for sale items

  2. Legal suppliers are outraged by the competition from the FBI? :thinkingface:
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  3. back in the day when i lived in aberdoom, when E's where all the rage, they blitzed the town for hash. for 6 months nothing was available. except E's and heroin. people where getting out their face on pills,(not my thing) but with no blow to chill them out at the end of the evening, they took to chassing the dragon, which ultimitly led to rakes of mad jaggers walking the street.
    its the main reason i left. every one i knew became a junkie. some made it, some didnt. it wasnt a class or education thing, i could tell you a story or two about the nephew of an aristcrat or son of a mr big within robert gordons uni amongst others.
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  4. Loads of nutters at the height of the 90's E culture, I believe coke is the new recreational drug of choice these days - these things tend not to end well :(
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  5. Given the crime 'system' that goes along with drugs (and the associated financial and social costs), I can't help thinking that govts. should have a moral duty to legalise all recreational drugs, do their own production and take over control of the 'system', thus making it a monopoly. If they then undercut the cartels and moved the buyers onto the govt. brands, they would then know who was doing what and could help them (using the proceeds from the money taken for drugs) or control them.
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  6. Interesting Guy on one of Joe Rogans podcasts, said something about how Portugal and Sweden have legalised it and its working.
    I'll have a look and share it.
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  7. The question is: Is there a justification for prohibition?

    Prohibition of various drugs has been tried many times in many places, most famously of alcohol in USA 1920 to 1932. It doesn't work; the harmful effects of prohibition far exceed the harms done by the substances themselves.

    To be clearer, prohibition works very well if its objective is to criminalise and incarcerate an entire category of otherwise innocent people - people who thereby are prevented from voting, and whose incarceration provides profits to operators of private prisons.

    Legalising cannabis, like legalising homosexuality, would have consequences. Eventually all the people who had suffered punishments during the prohibition era would have to be released, pardoned, and compensated. The more folk have suffered, the more difficult it is for any government to contemplate this can of worms. Much easier simply to let the injustice continue indefinitely.
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  8. That throws up a very odd image Pete. Increase the level of drugs then a definite side effect would be more drivers/riders driving/riding whilst under the influence of drugs

    I can't see anyone involved in a vehicle accident being charged of being under the influence of homosexuality?
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  9. Depends what you where doing when you crashed
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  10. and you wouldnt be driving to your dealer. yer pharmasist would just pop em in the post.
    btw, drinking is leagal. drink driving is not
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  11. Do you think making widespread illegal drugs, legal, will see an increase or decrease of those driving under the influence of drugs?
  12. tbh, i aint so sure there would be an increase, people can get what they want when they want already.
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  13. Cannabis is acceptable in many of the States in the States,
    (If you know what I mean, soz I’m a bit stoned)
    What’s her face, the gappy toothed gold shoe wearer one herself spoke of legalisation, if her party gained power, controlled selling and raising taxes as a result.
    It would certainly undermine the trakkie clad brigade, which wouldn’t be a bad thing either.
    So yeah fuck it, let’s do it...get the biscuits in Noobs!
    When’s this happening by the way?
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  14. Legalise them all.

    educate addicts and treat them medically and not as criminals

    police have better things to be doing
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  15. Portugal legalised most drugs & the EU/UK said it would be a zombie nation destroyed by this action. They did this policy in 2001 & have had far fewer problems since.
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  16. The CIA make too much money out of them in the States to make them legal - not sure if they have much of a hand in the European market.

    It provides the black money that they need for their black ops; regime change, and so on.
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  17. Here in NZ we seem to be on the verge of decriminalising or even legalising weed, but it will have definite amounts applied to it. For instance, a complete uteload would be a no-no, it will be more like 50 grams in public etc etc. But the thing is that the sale of weed here is very much influenced and controlled by the gangs so they will be the ones missing out. They also control Meth as well, which is rampant, so that will continue for them...
    Interesting that weed smokers will prob now be much free-er to grow their own, which is a piece of piss here, but most of the stoners are just too fucking lazy.
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  18. It will be very difficult to increase to sale & consumption of drugs! Almost everybody who wants to do it are already doing so.
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