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  1. Button vs Hamilton?
    They were at different points in their careers. Hamilton convincingly out qualified Button and scored 2 more race wins. Button scored more points. I have never read anywhere that Button admits Hamilton was better than him!

    Car dominance is a very real point. No car has been as dominant as the current Merceedes. Not even the Red Bull.

    That Vettel has not been able to continue to be in the masterclass since leaving RB -or even when he had a much stronger challenger in Ricciardo- speaks to the dominance of the car. It raises the same questions about the dominance of the Mercedes too. The brilliant/dominant RB perhaps allowed to win Vettel four championships...

    In real terms comparing drivers against each other is difficult. Is it actual points, race wins, qualifying times, lap records, luck and the cars they were given or a mixture of all that we each form our own opinion?

    Personally I think Hamilton is a very good driver, definitely one of the best in recent years. But I've said that before.
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  2. Over three seasons final points Button 672 compared with Hamilton’s 657 points. By season, Hamilton finished ahead of Button twice.
  3. I respect your POV Jez but I think you’d struggle to find anyone in the industry that thinks JB was on a par with Hamilton. Any hoos off to fail at golf now!
  4. Symon I respect yours too - and by anyones measure Hamilton has surpassed Button. Back in the Macca days, Hamilton was unable to dominate Button, Jenson was (2012) runner up to Vettel with 270 points, whereas Hamilton finished 4th with 190. Still Lewis might have been suffering from girl trouble with Miss Scherzinger? Button was happy with Miss Michibata (then) so perhaps that was the difference? LOL



    Its fair to say they both have done very well.

    Enjoy the golf.
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  5. Mmmmmmmm,yes to both!Lovely..........Not them there racing blokes,either!
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  6. With respect to everyone’s views..
    a lot depends on being in the right place at the right time imo..

    Hamilton went straight to McLaren who were top of the pile at that time, but then you get Alonso, who I believe is a little underrated, started out in a pig of a Minardi and moved up from there after .. as has Vestappen.. Senna too, I think he was at Toleman and Minardi before he moved up to Lotus..

    Hamilton though is a brilliant driver mind.. x
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  7. Really ?
    You should go back and read the story of how he got his first F1 drive...
  8. HaHaHaHaHa...
    He even did it to his own team-mate !
  9. Really ? Which "crap car" did Lewis drive in F1 ?
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  10. Now although Ferrari is the team/car I adore I was never a fan of M Schumacher, yes you need self belief in most sports if you wish to succeed but his was bordering on arrogance at times.. However, I saw one of those post season events where the top F1 drivers ( only F1 no rally drivers etc) were paired with wealthy amateurs for team karting.. The amateurs had their race and wherever they finished was the grid position for the F1 star.. MS ‘S amateur came last in a field of about 30... MS took over the very same 2 stroke cart and within 6 laps had passed the entire field of fellow F1 stars, in equal karts.. it was stunning to witness..

    I don’t like Hamilton either but, although he’s always had the car of the moment ( he left McLaren at exactly the right time, look at them over the last few years) the number of times he’s produced a stunning qualy lap at just the perfect time is amazing..

    I also remember seeing him in his karting days with a motor home etc with McLaren sponsorship emblazoned all over it while other youngsters arrived with Dad in a van.. not a cheap sport either my friend with his own business has his 12 yr old boy racing in the British juniors championship and a few years back said he would put aside about £200k a year for his sons race season.. x
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  11. What are you on about, you div? :confused:
  12. ‘Crap’ might’ve been a stretch but the Red Bull was totally dominant when Hamilton could’ve been winning 2 or 3 more titles. He’s reaping the rewards now if having the best car but he hasn’t always, what he has always done is easily & always beat his team mate, that’s the point. Can’t add anymore to this, so I’m bowing out now!
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  13. Actual history - not fan-boy nonsense...
  14. Far from a fan boy you nutter. I actually find him difficult to like, I also however, find his record difficult to argue against.

    You however have made 2 unsubstantiated statements. Explain them, if you can. For the 3rd, the McClaren was a crap car when up against the Red Bull and to a lesser extent, the Ferrari for 4 years by the way.
  15. Schumacher had the advantage of being the number 1 driver throughout his career... ? Really ?
    In the Mercedes WEC team ?
    At Jordan ?
    At Benneton when Nelson Piquet was his team-mate ?

    Schumacher had the best car... ?
    Ferrari hadn't won a title for two decades when Michael joined them. Part of the reason that the car became the best was because he helped develop the car ( and the team ) to be the best...
  16. Ahhh, I've finally worked out your reasoning. :thinkingface: You're an idiot. :)

    Schumacher had Nelson Piquest for a team mate for his first 5 races in his F1 Career. For the other 301 races, he didn't. So Schumacher and Piquet were team mates for 1.64% of his career, or they weren't team mates for 98.36% of Schumacher's career, if you prefer. :grinning:

    For the period after this when he was at Benetton with Martin Brundle, Riccardo Patrese and Johnny Herbert, he was the no.1 When he was at Ferrari, he was contracted as number 1 and had a say on who came into the team alongside him.

    I love all of this "Developed" nonsense, when you have zero proof for that at all.

    Ah, and........"Schumacher had the best car... ?
    Ferrari hadn't won a title for two decades when Michael joined them. Part of the reason that the car became the best was because he helped develop the car ( and the team ) to be the best."

    So you admit it was the best car then. Cheers.
  17. "Un idiot c'est lui qui n'est pas d'accord de vous"
    French proverb...
  18. Ah, French. The last resort of a rapscallion. :bucktooth:

    Touché to you, sir. :)
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