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1200 Lifting When Dropped

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by noobie, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Might help some

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  2. Ok. Someone do it with a multi with no panniers. And video it. I don’t believe it lol. I dropped mine in the garage. Not only does it not lean up a little like that video, in inverts a little with the tires up. My wife, who looks a lot bigger (sorry cathy) than his little passenger could not get the tires to the ground if she stood on the rear wheel and bounced lol. And me with my old man back issues could get the bike to the “tires touched ground” position and that was it. Not one inch more. I finally got it upright by sticking a 2+ meter pipe in the rear axle hole and prying it up like that. If only there was an easy way to carry a 2m steel pipe id be safe.

    Someone do it and video. Please.
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  3. Face away from the bike and lift with the legs.
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  4. Agree. The wheels are off the ground a bit ime
  5. Like this:
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  6. Brill!
  7. We are all pussy's !!
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  8. Yeah. That’s the “normal” way, with a relatively light bike. But a 500 lb top-heavy multi with it's tires pointing up, let’s see it. I can’t do it.
  9. don't drop it - surly thats the answer...... :motorcycleduc:
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  10. that's brilliant
  11. Love it, "With enough profanity you can lift anything"
    or as I call them the words of power!
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  12. Mine toppled over on the left hand side last year in the Pyrenees, the road was cambered away to the left and I also had the side stand down, as it had all the luggage on it was a bugger for three of us to lift
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  13. Reverse lifting technique ensures you don't pull a muscle. I did think the second person style was useful.
  14. Knowing my luck, I’d lift it with the reverse method then it would topple the other side and I’d follow it!
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  15. This week i managed to drop a bike off the rear paddock stand with no rear wheel fitted. I taught myself some new profanity i didn't know i knew. Possibly completely original profanity.

    That took some lifting! It's not easy lifting a bike onto a rear paddock stand when it's sat on its swing arm on the floor.
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  16. I last dropped a bike when 17 or 18, a Z1000 Kawasaki at walking pace, I lifted it with embarrassment hoping my mates didn't see, it was up within 5 seconds with no thoughts of it being heavy. Last Monday I lifted a 100gram piece of Aluminium Sheet off the floor and my back is just about recovered today - been paggered all week o_O
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  17. I managed to lift a FZR600 with a broken arm after a highside about 20 years ago. Amazing what you can do with adrenaline pumping through the body. Rode it home too.
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  18. I had to lay my Multistrada down, got my foot on a greasy bit of sloping road, started to do the splits and had no choice.
    I managed to get it back up....just.
    Probably method one, it low down and push through the bike.
    Very cautious now.
  19. Sorry to hear that fella, good to hear you are on the mend. We used to have labourers on the shopfloor to clean up. Just saying.
  20. Feel your pain dude :( stacking logs had me fekked for over a year - look after the back :upyeah: As Port says - get some young fekker to do it for you :p

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