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899 Lighter Wheels

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Monty13, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Good afternoon all,
    So as I said in my new member post, I’m doing some work on the little panigale this winter. To have her ready for next year and while not originally on my to buy list, I’ve been offered some lightly used marchesini Alu wheels,
    While I know lighter is better, The price is still over €1000 and what I’m asking is am I going to see in noticeable gains, and well should I?
    thanks for any advice
  2. It may sound obvious but it all depends on the weight differential between the two sets.
    I’ve got a 1098R and I slapped some BST carbon fibre wheels on. The difference in feeling and handling was err, fuck all.... the OE wheels on the R are pretty damn light.
    The BST’s do look cool though...
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  3. Standard wheels on the 899 are ridiculously heavy, any after market wheel will be a marked improvement. Definitely worth it.

    First mod I do to all my bikes

    Gsxr are oz piegas aluminium

    R1 are bst carbon

    996 are dymag carbon/magnesium

    Panigale are oz superbike replica aluminium
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  4. I believe the rear wheel on the 899 is particularly heavy and was looking to do the same. On my 848 the weight saving for aftermarket aluminium (Piega's) wasn't massive tbh but it's not just about that but about where the weight is placed also which matters.
  5. Would you rate it over well set up aftermarket suspension? Isn't me calling you out bud I'm genuinely interested.
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  6. If just for road id go wheels as the standard suspension won't be working as hard, if hard track use I'd go suspension over wheels as the bike will be working so much harder. Well that's my opinion mate. I've done both wheels and suspension on my bikes too. So guess I've got the best of both worlds.
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  7. Roger cheers, some bucks mind ain't they.
  8. The ones on my bikes are about £8000 worth!!! :D
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  9. Intercourse moi
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  10. Ok, so looks like I'm gonna sped some money and go down the lighter wheels route.
    Have been told that thyssenkrup actually have 50% off there Carbon wheels, so circa 1700€ .
    The marchesini wheels I can get for 1200 so theres not so much difference.

    This really needs some thought as carbon wheels have always been awesome but i always thought they were 3000€ and more.

    My only reservations with the carbon are the possibility of damage on tyre changes.

    Thank you for your replies
  11. Vids on utube about tyre changes with c/f wheels. TKCC wheels have a reinforced rim. BST’s don’t.
  12. I have the Marchesini ali wheels on my 899. The front wheel isn't much lighter tbh. The rear is about 2.5kg lighter IIRC.
    Worth buying I reckon as they rarely pop up used.
  13. I have some magic beans which will help you recover this amount and more, if you’re interested :)
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  14. I had some OZ Piega wheels on my 899, best mod I ever did.
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  15. I concur :bucktooth: Big difference in weight against the stock wheels, especially the rear. Definitely a big improvement in handling and performance:upyeah:
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  16. I’ve had countless tyre changes on mine. Track only miles. Totally unmarked. Mind you, my close vision isn’t what it was... :laughing:

    I think if the tyre changer is fairly careful there’s no problems :):upyeah:
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  17. I've heard the German wheels are a bit dodgy had quite a few sets crack. You won't go far wrong with oz gass wheels.
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  18. I personally wouldn't have cf.
  19. I would highly recommend the Oz Gass wheels, slightly lighter than the older style Oz wheels.... Or Dymags :upyeah:

    64F028E3-420A-45A1-ADE2-1FBEB1CF4F2F.jpeg 45868E77-E6A9-4E54-A1A6-5FD9EBE03BCD.jpeg B5B8D892-46CE-40EC-87B8-277A48C2DDB7.jpeg 89E07C3F-2980-4872-94C2-954E75E3905B.jpeg 3CE37E5C-C42E-48E8-946F-937188377D9B.jpeg F3971DA6-C023-49A4-A6B3-FE3952E8E37B.jpeg
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  20. Nothing wrong with carbon unless the tyre changer is a total fwit, I had them on my 1098 track bike and then moved them over to my 2011 Multi. No damage in 3 years and had plenty of tyre changes and I was the second owner.
    Wheels are on a mates 1098 now and look as good as new, You just can't beat the lack of weight in them faking great.
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