Like Father Like Son!

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  1. I collected my Multistrada a couple of weeks ago, and that put my Son into change mode! So he’s now the ecstatic owner of Monster 797, with the soon to be added + parts on their way


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  2. Nice one Madasason
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  3. Wish my son was in to bikes ,they both look great bikes ,enjoy
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  4. interesting pictures and welldone on the bins:upyeah:
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  5. Excellent bin shot!
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  6. Bin porn but always good to see father and son bonding
  7. Lovely bike.

    I must say, if/when I have kids, I’ll be bribing them not to ride a motorcycle.
  8. Nice one . My dad bought a monster 821 and a couple of months later I bought a 796.
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  9. Top bin work! :) :upyeah:
  10. I think that my idea is not that original after all. I bought a new 959 and Monster 821 for me and my son last summer. BTW, we did the rider safety course together, first bikes together! There is not enough money to have bought such experiences.

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  11. Nice to see a family bond, my son's quite a bit quicker than me!! but he doe's wait.
    Father and son's bikes , he went for Italian, just a different brand.
    2016-03-12 12.14.14.jpg
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  12. Not all kids are crackers like there farther!!;)
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  13. Everyone loves bins!
    It was actually my Son got me back in to bikes! When 17 i tried to get him to get a car and from nowhere he asked for a bike! Was the perfect excuse for me to get back in and do my test. We are very close and have done a lot of Father Son stuff as he grew up. We've toured every year for 3/4 days and go on charity runs when we can. He's a sensible guy which is why I let him ride, considering Im the one buying the bikes!

    I totally agree! We did the bikesafe course together and I'll be putting us both through IAM training this Summer
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  14. Less Bins lol!

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  15. I agree with you. I have never ridden before, neither has my son. My first bike was the 959 pictured above (starter bike?). I have only drooled for a couple of decades. My son is more relaxed than I, so he chose the 821.
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  16. Surprised we haven't seen Final Edition and DucatiDad on here yet, that must be the most impressive Father / Son collection on the forum .... I'm hoping I'm in at least one of their wills ;-)
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  17. DUKES 006.jpg
    Ducati SP4 002.jpg
    bike update2.jpg
    New Pics 056.JPG
    New 851 001.jpg
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  18. Stop it ... lol ... which one do I get ???
  19. Agreed great bins :D