Lisbon And Porto.

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  1. Going for a twin city break starting this Sunday, flying in to Lisbon and out of Porto, looking for hotel recommendations.
    Anyone been?
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  2. I’ve only ever been to Lisbon on business and stayed in a flash hotel in the centre. Room was fabulous with massive TV, fabulous bed/furniture, fantastic bathroom walled with glass. Looked great!

    Until you get up for a pee in the middle of the night and you can’t see the glass bathroom walls and bounce of them all before finding the doorway. :eek:
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  3. Your getting old, getting up for a piss in the middle of the night :no_mouth:
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  4. Stayed in Hotel da Baixa last September, great and central. Expensive though. Lisbon is a fab city, will be back with some recomendadtions for eating later today.
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  5. Go here in Lisbon - cafe on top...

    Santa Justa elevator

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  6. It's a good few years since I stayed there but the Sheraton Porto Hotel & Spa was very nice. Maybe check Trip Advisor for recent reviews to see if it's still good.
  7. Been to Lisbon a couple of time via a cruise ship docking there - nice old city centre with lots of shopping for the missus :upyeah:
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  8. I think @Dibble can recommend a certain bar in a square in Lisbon :heart::splat:
  9. Lisbon is lovely but I can’t really recommend any hotels as I was mostly there for work and the hotels we stayed in were shit holes. Plenty of good ones though.
    Make sure you leave plenty of time for Porto. Loads to see there too. Enjoy it!
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  10. The cafe at the top of the Santa Justa Elevator isn't literally at the top but at the end of the walk-way that crosses over to the hill behind. That view (^) was what you got just walking around the corner from our hotel.

    One place I would definately reccomend if you're into seafood is Cervejaria Ramiro, as reviewed by Anthony Bourdain in this video. I'd make a point of going back there on a return visit, the steak sandwich for desert sounds odd but makes perfect sense after seafood and a few beers. In September, it may differ at this time of year, there was no booking system. You turn up and take a ticket having entered the number of people in your party. Took us two hours to be seated but the beer vending machine at €2 for a large glass helped while away the time, great friendly atmosphere in the queue, was part of the experince TBH.

    Also good is the TimeOut Market, great to sample different courses from different vendors. We started by walking there and getting cocktials enroute and then found ourselves in a bar, with a sample rack of all 12 beers they had, on the walk back to the hotel...

    Lisboa Tu & Eu; we found this place whilst wandering around Alfama, was hidden away down an alleyway and despite this was popular. Small and basic but food and atmosphere were great as were the staff. We ate there twice we liked it so much.
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  11. I was last there about 12 years ago or more and don't remember a walkway :thinkingface: we had a beer at the top too.
  12. Found it on Google Maps - I see why I could have missed it now :eyes:

  13. Nothing at the top in Septembert last year, though we did go up early in the morning for sunrise. Maybe later in the day, either that or there isn't one there any more...?
  14. Have you retired? You're always going away, try working a bit more. ;)
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  15. Says you!
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  16. Thanks Bumpkin some good tips there
    Always a big fan of the late Anthony Bourdains No Reservations.
  17. I could but they wouldn’t appreciate Monika’s charms .... so I won’t .... lol
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  18. Yes, maybe not!
  19. 39BF4FB6-ECEC-4EE5-86C6-A9559DE2E3D3.jpeg
    Found our way to the Time Out market, couldn’t believe the size of this place!
    Also couldn’t believe how slippery the tiles pavements become in the rain, landed flat on my back on one of the very steep roads. Had nothing do with the two large Japanese whiskey cocktails I consumed moments beforehand!
    Loving this place.
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  20. You trail blazer:upyeah:
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