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London Bridge.... Another Terrorist Attack?

Discussion in 'Speakers Corner' started by AirCon, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. more a disruptor than a terorist.
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  2. Agitator? :thinkingface:
  3. dont know what thread your talking about, you could just as easy be making somthing up again.
    i didnt take a count. i didnt burn the many incedencies in to my mind, chuckles.
    i did however take to ignoring various forums and threads to save on the bull for everyone else on them.
  4. hmm, does agitator mean, lonley troll with social issues?
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  5. I included the link a few posts back to the actual thread. something you claimed happened, enough for you to bring it up, didn't happen, you have no memory where it was or what exactly, well anything really.

    If offering to buy parts for a person in Scotland who cannot get them sent to Scotland, so I offer to buy and send them up to them as a fellow forum member, is riling you up, do you think the insecurity could be on your end?

    You could always put me on ignore and then you won't see me offering to help others out if it offends you?
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  6. Hmm, it could do :thinkingface:
    He's a harmless troll and can be amusing on occasion - bit like me if you ignore the amusing bit :D
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  7. yer still relitivly new to the place harry, what your seeing now is yer man, on notice.
    no, i aint puting you on ignore chuckles. i like to see the original posts from the troll master himself. thats not to say i havent in the past put you there, i will occasionally put the odd monkey on ignore that repeats yer pish right enough.
    its all good chuckles. dont be loosing yer sence of self importance over this.
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  8. I'm still waiting for the thread that started you off today?

    You refuse to show it so revert back to "yeah yeah yeah everything" and when asked what do you mean, nothing from you at all. This is normal for you but there isn't really a lot I can do about it Mr Grumpy Pants
  9. clearly i made it up chuckles. relax. theres other threads that require your attention. run along.
  10. Cool but before I do, I did warn you that transitioning and all that Estrogen would make you more mardy than usual :D
  11. But I have a beard again
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  12. Wow... this thread went off track quickly.
  13. You sound surprised?
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  14. https://newsthump.com/2019/12/02/lo...ve-been-in-charge-of-everything-for-a-decade/

    I also read today that one of the other people who helped subdue the terrorist was, rather awesomely, named Mohammed. So, if true, that's an EU migrant, an ex prisoner and a muslim fighting a terrorist who had stabbed 2 people the gutter press and others doubtless would ordinarily label "leftie do gooders". All we needed for a full house was a single mother, but perhaps not, as nobody seems to scapegoat them and blame them for all the country's problems anymore. I can't imagine how confusing being right wing must be at the moment though. :thinkingface:
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