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1200 Enduro Long Term Ownership

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Columbus, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Next year the pcp on my Enduro comes to an end as does its warranty.

    Over the past 2 years it has had all the recalls done and where things have gone wrong the necessary warranty work carried out. It's just been in today for further work and that's what brings me to my question of what to do next year?

    I really enjoy the bike and would prefer to keep it but I know that with the residual value I could afford to buy a new machine just as capable and nowhere near as complicated.

    Who has or has had an enduro or standard multistrada out of warranty and with 20k miles or more. What was the reliability like. What pitfalls if any did you encounter.

  2. I'd really only ever consider going back to a non-Enduro Multi, but I know I'd really miss the bigger tank. I love not having to fill up all the time. Maybe if they did a Pikes Peak with 30L tank...

    Sorry, that doesn't really answer your question. I guess I'd be considering trading for a new/newer one with warranty, or extending your warranty, if you can?
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  3. I have no warranty, 36000 miles and still great. Loving it but still needs servicing.
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  4. not a modern enduro though!!
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  5. I can't do PCP because of my mileage.
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  6. Buy the V4 Enduro...aka trail-maxi...coming to a dealer near you soon.

    Other than that...50,500 miles here with 1 year ext warranty just ran out...still lovin that I get 265 miles between stops.
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  7. I shouldn’t be a on PCP because of my mileage...!
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  8. 40.000+ km / 25K perfect miles for me. Only issue over all these miles was a rear wheel sensor that prevented the cruise control to work, solved in half a day in the shop. As happy with the bike as on day one. I still turn my head every time I leave her in the garage...

    A keeper to me... unless Ducati manages an Enduro V4 that grunts and pushes like a V-twin... that would be a temptation difficult to resist ;-)
  9. 25000 miles for me, long out of warranty. I fitted chain and sprockets about 20k. Coolant overflow tank started leaking about 22 k and fuel sender replaced with F model. It had been wonky about 6 months. Standard dvt model 2015.
  10. As soon as I hit 'post' something will go wrong but 23000miles, no warranty and faultless. Love everything about it.
  11. Cruising towards 36K (2nd desmo service) with a smile on my face & no plans to change. But would be interested in test riding a V4-enduro in the future years.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. Its helped put my mind at rest.