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Featured Look Out Scotland, Here I Come

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by johnny, Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Usually go to Belgium but apparently something called the Covids is going (who knew!)
    Off to the highlands and West Coast for the first time in 10 years. Lucca is all loaded and ready to go.
    Going to go for Skye and also the very top if my old body is up for it.

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  2. Have a great time
    Plenty of pics please
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  3. Err. post pictures and comments from my phone...err i shall try !
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  4. Me and a few mates are heading up that way in a couple of weeks stopping in Dumbarton then route over Oban / Inverary area. Cracking roads in Scotland I love it up there. Have a good trip :upyeah::)
  5. Yep, had one of our best ever tours 10 years ago, fantastic weather. The time before it rained for 3 days
  6. Hope you know your COVID travel restrictions. Travel from parts of the UK are currently prohibited and of course, there's her latest stunt with disembarking from cruise ships boarded in English ports. Hope it all comes to fruition and you have a great time. Andy
  7. Me too the end of the month. Can’t wait
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  8. Have a practice before you go :)
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  9. Same here, white 1260 Mutley and a 996. Give us a wave :D
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  10. We’re going Kent > Dumfries > Spean Bridge >Ullapool > Hexham > Kent
    I’ll wave it I see ya!
  11. Done this twice in the last couple of years, worth going north of Ullapool if you can, best roads, and most of the tourists stop there...so quiet!
    Sandwood beach=stunning!
    cute art "village" round the corner from Durness.

    Damn I'm Jealous! Last time was on a newly purchased 999...amazing fun!
  12. Fuel stop one. Actually saw a 4 in front of my mileage figure for the first time 20210609_175050.jpg
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  13. These guys like the bike....or me 20210609_182225.jpg
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  14. Loch lomond
  15. Then perhaps put it back in your trousers,;),,also who is admiring your bike in the first picture on the wall with the cigarette.?
  16. Winston Churchill..its a cigar
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  17. very quiet at the popular sites.
    but lots of bikes


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  18. That's the one
  19. How long you going for, a month looking at that luggage :)
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