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1199 Looking For 1199 Mirror Replacement Ideas.

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Dabiscuit, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Hi all. The mirrors are to be frank, not great and are quite unsightly. Anybody got any good suggestions for alternatives or even removing them altogether? If the latter then where do people put their indicators? Mirrors aren't actually a legal requirement in the UK for a motorcycle. I've seen mirror block off turn signals, but I'm not sold.

    I'm not beyond a bit of rewiring if need be.

    Thanks all.
  2. Had the same issue with my 959 recently. Those NRC ones look shit so i ordered some blanking plates from Lightec. Due to covid though its taken aaaaagess for them to turn up (i ordered them over a month ago). They are due to arrive this week and will stick some pics up when they do.

  3. They look decent, but where do you put the indicators?
  4. The plug and wire just tuck behind.
  5. Forgive my sillyness, but then people can't see them no? I mean, they're built into the mirrors. If you remove the mirror the indicator has to go somewhere which is or isn't a legal requirement on a bike?!
  6. I'm sure some one will correct me if I'm wrong but if you have indicators they have to work, but they don't have to be fitted. I believe that even the case with a brake light (or so it said in an article in Fast Bikes recently)
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  7. Thats how i understand it too. I've mot'd bikes before with no indys - I did take the them separately to the test centre just in case.
  8. They arrived an i fitted them will take some pics later but i cant say im overly impresseed with them, they dont appear to sit flush for starters. Going to have a play around when i get a bit more time later.
  9. Sweet. Appreciate it
  10. As I feared, dog shit, i tried every variation and not one of them sits flush against the faring, can't say I would recommend them and will be looking for a replacement ASAP.




  12. Rizoma mirror's, but they are not cheap.
  13. At 195 quid each, you're right. They are not cheap
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