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848 Looking For Possible 848

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by peter walker, Mar 27, 2024.

  1. new on here so go easy please ,looking at getting back into biking after 15 yrs away from them. Always fancied either a 749 or 848,
    any common issues or faults to look for when buying a 848? my budget isnt massive and dont want any big problems
  2. 848’s the usual with any Ducati, belt services, battery and charging circuit condition, and does the owner know the rough torque value of the rear hub, or has he just tightened it as much as it will go..

    otherwise some specifics, plastic tank, so look for swelling, it won’t be as obvious in a stock 848 as they didn’t have steering dampers (the tank swells from high ethanol and contacts the standard steering damper on 848 evo).

    also specific to 848 and early 1098 (more than later ones anyway) is the radiator is a weak spot, a lot were replaced under warranty
  3. Cheers Phil good info I didn’t know any of this , are the belts 5yrs now
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/C5B1nKYPfIU/?igsh=MWg1endwa2Y0MWR2ag==

    No mate, 2 years, 5 years I believe on newer models like the 821 motor monsters and supersport.

    here’s what my belts looked like after 2.5 years, they were a little dry and just a hint of starting to crack but probably safe ish… haha who knows, I’d try and stick to 2 years

  5. will do ,how many miles in those 2 years to get them looking like that?
  6. I’d really love an 848, was seriously thinking about getting one a few months back I think they are beautiful. Unfortunately I just don’t think I’d enjoy riding it.
  7. If it helps....I have a few Ducatis including a 916 Anniversario. In most respects the 848 is a better road bike - enough power to have fun but not crazy like the V4. It is light, handles beautifully and has been 100% reliable. If the weather is good, I normally get the 848 out, or the MV F4R. I would defo recommend an 848 while they are still affordable!
  8. Hi it was between the 848 and the 749 and the 749 won this time but feel I will try the 848 one day
    Landed this last Wednesday
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  9. If the belts have been done check that they used Ducati belts not some aftermarket rubbish to save a few quid. The belts were upgraded by Ducati at least once from memory in the early days of the 1098 being released
  10. What do you call "after market rubbish" just out of interest
  11. anything not Ducati I guess, I'm only passing on what a few independent specialists have suggested in way of using Ducati belts only
  12. So most common thought is now that the aftermarket ones from Exact https://www.ducati.tech/shop/Exact-Fit-Premium-Timing-Belts-c155214774/

    Are the preferred option, better quality and better results over life. I understand the OEM Ducati belts are no longer made by the original factory and are NOT the same spec or quality that they used to be. Unfortunately if that's what you're used to recommending as a Ducati tech, you're unlikely to tell people about the Exact ones.... I have Ducati ones on my 996. But was slightly annoyed I didn't get the chance to specify in the end now know what I do.
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  13. Thanks good info
  14. It’s worth noting that Ducati have increased the replacement regime for OE belts on the 848/1098/1198 to 5 years. Stories about belts are legion and many are blown out of proportion. Catastrophic belt failure is not common but when it does, reasons tend to be associated with poor maintenance resulting in the belt shredding or failure due to other engine component failure. Cycleworks belts (retailed by Exactfit in the UK) have been around for years and used by many. You will not usually get aftermarket belts fitted by an authorised workshop because Ducati won’t warrant them or any other aftermarket part for that matter. Andy
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  15. this has troubled me…. When you say ‘failures are often associated to poor maintenance’. How do I maintain my cambelt? Stroke them? Sing lullaby’s to them? Poor oil on them every other ride?…. Or poor maintenance over 5 years? I just don’t understand the comment. If it’s installed properly and with new rollers etc, what can an owner possibly do to affect the reliability of the belt.

    I’ve also seen this 5 year rule but only on all the newer 848 ‘based’ engines like the supersport and 821, all of which with significantly less compression and tune. I’ve never seen an official document that refers to the 848/848 evo and 1198 as now having a 5 year interval.

    sorry, but clarification is important or it’s just internet ‘experts’
  16. I chose the words in my post very carefully. I used 'tend to be associated' not 'often'. Chicken and egg syndrome, did the belt failure cause the damage or did an engine failure cause the belt to snap ? Infrequent or poor engine maintenance is one of the most common root causes of failure. Not everyone is as meticulous in the care of their bikes. As to the 5 year schedule update, this came about when my 1098R went in for service and I was advised of the change by the workshop manager. No internet experts were engaged in the conversation. I did query if the change would filter down to the 9**/74* era bikes and the answer was definitely not. I trust my reply answers your questions. Andy
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