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Looking To Sell - What's It Worth?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by AndyP, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Afternoon, I've got an old Monster 600 that I've had for years, before I stick it up for sale thought I'd post on the forum to help get an idea of what it's worth and also is it worth putting to standard or just selling as it stands.

    It's a 2002 M600, so one of the last carb’ed bikes. It's got some nice parts on it (Rizoma rearsets, Ducati Performance tank bag and tank cover, carbon Venom end cans, carbon front mudguard) along with the original cans and hangers. I last did the belts in July 2018 when I lent the bike out to my brother to use so they'll be due again soon (the ones I used were from Exige). It sailed through the MOT last month with no advisories. New tyres done at the same time as the belts, along with air/fuel/oil filters and new pads front and back.

    I bought the bike in 2008, it's got nearly 30k on the clock and was used as a daily commuter for 3 years through all weathers, so isn't the prettiest to look at - suffering from the usual flaking engine paint and rust patches, and also the tank is dented/scratched but not badly creased. No oil leaks and starts on the button. It lay unused from 2011 through to 2018 when I put it back on the road. If I don’t do something with it now, it will probably lie unused there for another 7 years.

    I just want to get some space back and it deserves to go to someone who is going to use it. Any ideas of value would be greatly appreciated. Will stick it up in the for sale section once I've an idea of value.
    103894802_3112362188821397_945864478786470785_n.jpg 103447927_259283458836966_6478560820006840626_n.jpg 103621318_259555368605969_7688707017404716889_n.jpg 103627074_301825454315249_4929927864720081887_n.jpg 103644569_1645283295620138_2640085752224894769_n.jpg 103725058_3847322088618543_6507391665423769539_n.jpg 103765042_1536159189878861_7816517459040211685_n.jpg 103872279_313972976267523_3796175924650078838_n.jpg 103953724_267010751051116_3955398975604041469_n.jpg 103957547_1178013215864687_635740503891459830_n.jpg
  2. I was going to say £1000 but thought, "Nah, I won't post that, as it's taking the p1ss" I need not worry though as I forgot that you would be around!
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  3. I usually have a look on eBay and gauge prices against what’s selling/sold



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  4. Shit, a grand....there’s me hoping for a couple of bags of Wotsits
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  5. I think that it’s usually the case that fitted to the bike they’ll make very little difference to the value , sold separately is usually the way to go, if you can be bothered with the hassle, how much the bits are worth sorry no idea.
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  6. in a very similar position, but with an M900 so will watch thread with interest. :upyeah:
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  7. a grand doesn't sound too far off to me, but less the "bits".
  8. Well, the OP did ask...I wouldn't post otherwise. I have bought a couple of M600's with lower miles and better condition (than described) for similar money over the years. But that was a few years ago now!
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  9. I had an SPS, at the time would have been about 6k value (I know, mad, right?!) in great condition. Mine wasn't. I broke it and got 6k in parts.

    If you can be bothered and have the room for those parts that don't shift, this is a better way to make money on some bikes :)
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  10. @AndyP I'm interested in the carbon exhausts if you are open to selling them separately and subject to the size.
    Ill send you a pm.
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  11. If you do break it, take a video of it running and revving etc with a date stamp on it. Really helps with selling :upyeah:
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