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Lost My Biking Mojo

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Gp80, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. I think I’ve lost my mojo, coming up to the end of the biking year and I’m sad to say the bikes hardly moved all year, considering we’ve had the best summer for years, I think it’s obly been out a handful of times, I’ve just seem to of lost interest for some reason, life’s been busy with the kids and starting a new job etc but I’ve just not felt like getting it out, all of my mates have sold up and it’s just not as much fun riding around on your own all the time, I’m thinking the unthinkable and selling up but would I regret it? just get over the winter and try and find my love for it again next year?
    I’ve had bikes all my life and seems strange at the thought of not having one in the garage, any thoughts would be appreciated
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  2. my old SS was laid up for over 8 years. When it went it was strange not hiving something parked up in that hole in the garage.

    Life has a habit of just rolling on and re-arranging your priorities.
    Question is, do you like the bike?
    Does it owe you anything?
    People will buy a painting to hang on the wall and never look at at from one year to the next. if you're mojo's gone but you love bikes, just keep hold of it and admire it for what it is.

    My cousin is going through this with his MV675 or whatever it is. only 400 miles on it from new last year and he doesn't get the time to ride it.
    My argument was that he didn't buy it because it was a great ride, he bought it because he loved the look of it. He did the same with his 748sps back in the day.

    If I were you i'd keep it. If you want a bike in the garage but don't want to ride then that's justification enough for me. And if you don't want to ride, sod it, buy the bike of your dreams and park it in there and just sit on it with a cup of tea.

    As liked to put it... you have a cigarette to de stress, I come out sit on, and stare at that. :)
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  3. In a similar place myself
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  4. I love the bike, always wanted a Ducati and just love the sound/ looks etc that goes with it, it owes me nothing, and only costs me tax/ insurance etc to run, all bought and paid for as such, I will keep it u think even the Mrs says I’d regret it if I did, and just see what next year brings
    Just a strange feeling of having road bikes for 20 years and first time I’ve lost interest as such, I still love bikes, watch all moto go / bsb/ wsb etc
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  5. Definitely keep it in that case :)
    There's a wonderful therapy from just having it sat there.
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  6. If you don't need the money and your wife isn't nagging you to sell, you might as well keep it - at least until next spring when the sales price will be better!

    I don't ride mine as much as I could (or should) but thats only part of the story. i still mess with it, and change things, and look into different mods, and make plans... In fact thinking about it, I might just buy another one!
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  7. I’m struggling a bit too, having spent so much time off the bike with the shoulder injury I’m really struggling to re fire the biking enthusiasm, been out for a bit today on the Tuono.
  8. Sod it, sell it, it's a daft waste of time anyway.

    Try and stay on the forum though.
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  9. Biking mojo can come and go, at least it does for me.

    When biking seems a bit meh for whatever reason, I don't stress, I don't force myself, I take a break. If a fancy a pootle, I get myself into the mindeset that I don't have to be "on it" and do all the crazy things I used to do on a bike in my youth. Enjoy the breeze, enjoy not being held up in traffic, find a spot you want to visit and take a gentle potter over there.

    The red mist rides will come back in their own time, or they won't. Enjoy riding for different reasons, works for me.
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  10. I had a wobble earlier on in the year. Fell out of love with sports bikes, hardly rode much this year. I even stuck it on eBay and overpriced it on the off chance I hooked a crazy fucker.... I almost did but decided i couldn't do it. Im glad it never sold as I have fallen back in to love with it...... Still hardly ridden it though!
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  11. I can't be arsed on the road these days. 50% i'm worried about accident/police at the speeds I enjoy and 50% seems a bit pointless just going round in a big circle. Would be different if I had some mates on bikes I expect. In 5 years my youngest will be 14, the wife will get a bike and we'll go out together (feckin' slowly I expect, I'll by a Hyper or SF).

    Now, track days, they fucking rule! Bit pricey mind, but TRACK DAYS RULE!!!!!!!

    (PS, if it wasn't for the fact my road bikes are appreciating/stagnant i'd sell them and buy more track time).
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  12. Went through something similar a couple of years ago bikes just stood most of the year even considered selling them
    This year I've done more miles than I have for a long time the wife encouraged me not to sell them hang in the urge to ride your bike will come back
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  13. Keep keep keep
    I wish I still had mine :(
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  14. The reoccurring theme is that its not the same if your mates have given up biking and your out on you own. I have done the least amount of biking this year. Two trips with my brother in law who is in Northern Ireland, which were great. Riding in company will probably keep your interest going.
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  15. Years ago a good friend of mine was unfortunately killed on his bike. All our biking group gave up their bikes, except me. I decided to keep riding on my own and because I was on my own I wasn’t under any pressure to ride like a knob.

    A couple of years went by and I met new friends to ride with. My Panigale tends to be the bike I ride with friends and the Scrambler the go to bike when I want to ride on my own. Both play an important part of my riding life.
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  16. I'd keep it, or have a change of bike, after all a change is as good as a rest.
    As CR said track days are a lot of fun. Having a dedicated track bike and loving it changed my perspective of road riding so I recently changed my 899 and switched to a Hyper 939sp.
    Road riding sometimes feels pointless if there is no destination or purpose but at least I have the choice to get out as my bike is in the garage ready to roll....or ready to tinker on
    I did Pete Boasts flat track school at the weekend and that was awesome, great to try something different
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  17. :motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc::motorcycleduc:#My busiest year on the motorcycles for a very long time over eighty rides this season and i was going to quit two years ago but bumped into a chap at the wickes carpark in felbridge on his old triumph who was 67 at that time and still riding strong....that was all the spark i needed and i will now run to the very End:upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
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  18. Have you checked down the back of the sofa yet?

    That’s usually where I find lost things.
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  19. Good post, I for one wish you many more happy biking miles.
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  20. Likewise:upyeah:once it's in the blood that's it no turning back:motorcycleduc:
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