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For Sale Lots Of 749/999 Parts

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Nostromo, Nov 2, 2018.

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  1. Pics to follow

    Termi end can with carbon cover £630 posted 600 collected from stourbridge
    Full set of fairings in fila colours(some marks and rubbing, all ducati panels but custom paint) £350 posted 300 collected from stourbridge
    complete headlight assembly and mirror supports 130 posted
    Carbon air duct covers 30 posted
    stm clutch cover 25 posted
    Maybe rcm rearsets 130 posted
    tail tidy brake light indicators 60 posted
    complete mirrors in red 110 posted
    front seat 60 posted
    stm preload adjusters 12 posted
    blue oberon clutch cylinder( would like to swap for a black one)

    some shots of the parts on the bike
    More to follow
  2. What are the air tube covers like?
  3. IMG_20181102_175027.jpg IMG_20181102_175025.jpg IMG_20181102_175018.jpg

  4. Some more pics IMG_20181102_155957.jpg IMG_20181102_160104.jpg IMG_20181102_160512.jpg IMG_20181102_174934.jpg IMG_20181102_160515.jpg IMG_20181102_160509.jpg IMG_20181102_174220.jpg IMG_20181102_174223.jpg IMG_20181102_160604.jpg IMG_20181102_174209.jpg IMG_20181102_160611.jpg IMG_20181102_160106.jpg IMG_20181102_174228.jpg IMG_20181102_155735.jpg IMG_20181102_174741.jpg IMG_20181102_155740.jpg IMG_20181102_174751.jpg IMG_20181102_174738.jpg IMG_20181102_155812.jpg IMG_20181102_155749.jpg IMG_20181102_155800.jpg
  5. I'd like the rear sets if they are available... you don't have a mono subframe for sale by chance? Also what forks are those? I like the black...
  6. Yes they are drop me a pm,I may sell my subframe or do a swap as I will be cutting it down and re powder coating it, I will sell the Forks eventually, I will keep you in mind. Cheers
  7. Pm sent. .. I'd like the clutch cover too!
  8. I will have the mirrors.
  9. Drop me a pm please
  10. Fairings?
  11. I will take a few pics outside, with better lighting later.

    Clutch cover and rearsets sold
  12. The CF air tube covers.
  13. IMG_20181103_164840.jpg IMG_20181103_164827.jpg IMG_20181103_164821.jpg IMG_20181103_164808.jpg IMG_20181103_164900.jpg IMG_20181103_164851.jpg IMG_20181103_164848.jpg IMG_20181103_164843.jpg
  14. Adding this clock bracket, 55 posted
    A few more pics of the exhaust and rear light cluster
    IMG_20181103_164740.jpg IMG_20181103_164756.jpg IMG_20181103_164923.jpg IMG_20181103_164918.jpg IMG_20181103_164945.jpg IMG_20181103_165000.jpg

  15. 2nd for the air tubes please!
  16. You take them if you want them.
  17. I think I overpriced the termi, dropping it to 500 posted alone or 550 with the carbon cover
  18. Have the rear set’s been sold for are they still available?
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