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Luigi Moto Ducati. Difficult To Contact!!

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by doogalman, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. Anyone know if the guys at Luigi Moto are normally there full time?
    I have arranged for a friend to go and collect some bodywork from them but neither my friend or myself can make contact.
    A tad annoying as the friendhas to go out of his way to collect and is supposed to be bringing it to me in germany next weekend and his window of opportunity to collect is diminishing.
  2. Sounds typical of the place TBH. No idea when he actually does the work: tends to be racing most weekends somewhere and trackdays during the week.
  3. @t3scn may have his number
  4. I hope he isn't racing this weekend :-(
  5. Don't think he'll be at BSB Assen (you never know) but if there is any classic racing probably
  6. Just rung him and someone answered, give them a ring now.

    +44 (0)1761 453366
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  7. The number isn’t a secret: it’s given on the google search result for Louigi Moto.
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  8. Rich is in France, returning at the weekend I believe.
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  9. I included the number in case he had been ringing the wrong one, always worth covering bases when you're trying to help someone out :D
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  10. Thanks, been calling correct number. Mate is calling him now.
  11. Well that was a waste of time. Mechanic there not able to help so delayed till next week.
  12. All sorted, thanks guys.
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  13. they got some lovely turned out race bikes.........
  14. Bit of a marmite outfit.
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  15. what love 'em or hate 'em ?
  16. No, the sartorial elegance of their Tees and Hoodies.
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  17. i think they're coolio don't you ..
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  18. Rich who owns and runs Luigi Moto is passionate about what he and his team do. Unfortunately, or fortunate depending on your view point, he is in demand and therefore a busy man.

    As @bradders mentioned he’s very active racing too so away most weekends during the season.

    Leave a message and agree collection dates in advance, he always keeps to his word. Shame there are not more businesses and people with such passion.
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  19. He’s in france this week and back next week.

    He’s beyond busy all the time and the phone never stops ringing.

    He’s doing all the head work now as well as Chris (cjs) has throttled back an awful lot and pretty much has all his time taken up with mapping and dyno work.

    Like Geoff Baines, he’s one of those blokes who i will gladly give my money to, and i have to say i feel quite privileged when i do get through and despite how busy he is, sits and talks for quarter of an hour answering my questions. :upyeah:
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  20. Stop talking so much and let him get on then o_O.......... perhaps :thinkingface:
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