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M1000sie Pc Iii Usb Fiteed

Discussion in 'Monster' started by wadesnj, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. I purchased a PC III USB from the US for my 2004 M1000Sie. Offered the seller $180, he was asking $249 and he accepted. By the time I paid shipping, VAT, Import Tax and Customs Duty it still cost under £200, so a pretty good price. I had it fitted last weekend, and had one of the standard Dynojet maps loaded 717-503, roughly suitable for my BOS carbon cans and free flow panel air filter. First impressions were good, improved mid range and acceleration, better throttle response, but a bit lumpy at the lower end of the rev range. Now going to West Wales Motorcycles at Carew for a Dyno run and fine tuning! Didn't fit it in the standard location due to poor clearance under the tank, so it is under the right side panel. Looking forward to having a smoother, more powerful bike with possibly better fuel economy as well!

    IMG_20190826_113854.jpg IMG_20190826_114014.jpg
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  2. Better pictures of the location, just fits snugly behind the side panel. IMG_20190825_151501.jpg IMG_20190825_150858.jpg
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