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M1200 Phone Charger

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Mark9, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. I could do with a phone charger on my M1200, I’m thinking I could get an optimate battery charger adapter and connect into the battery charging point under the seat , then connect a phone charger socket onto the optimate lead and secure it under the seat, but before I do is anyone aware of an easier/more sensible method?, thanks Mark.
  2. There should be a usb socket under the seat, it's on he left hand side under a big round cover.
  3. Have a look at the left side of the headstock, is there a connector with a blank on it? Both the M821s that I look after have one and it is an ignition controlled supply for a GPS, phone charger etc.
  4. Not on mine mjgt, mines a late 2016, they probably started fitting the usb on later models, cheers anyway.
  5. Not on mine Bob, looks as though I’ll have to Mackle something up using the battery charger socket, cheers.
  6. Best bet is always a relay and a trigger wire. No worries about battery drain then. I can wire a relay so any monkey can.
  7. I was interested in your comment and searched my 2016 M1200R for it. :( Nope or at least not yet.
    What year were those M821 ?
    Any photos of that plug ?
    Reference to it like in a service manual ?
    These would be useful to know what to look for.
  8. There is definitely a blank plug on the left hand side of the headstock. I have a 2016 1200S and have used
    the plug. It switches on and off with the ignition.

    It’s not a USB but somewhere on the Monster section of the forum there’s a thread with pictures. Also it gives details of what kind of plug it is and where to buy one from.

    It is definitely your best way forward.
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  9. Thanks Sam, I’ll have a look later, out on the M900 at mo for a bit of old school charm.
  10. Both Monster 821s are 2018. The plug is the same as the one in post 17 in the thread quoted above, and is in the same position. I made up a couple of leads to USB females, but the spare one is on my desk in France while I am in the UK. Got the plugs from fleabay.
    My 939 Supersport has also got a power plug, but it is on the other side and is black, same as the heated grip plugs.
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