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1200 M1200 Rear Light Mounts

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Mark9, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. 14C989D0-D7E9-4F4E-BA14-111BE234953D.jpeg I just noticed that the rear light on my monster M1200 rattles up and down, the 2 silver screws nearest the camera are tight and the rubber grommets are in place behind the washers, however if I take hold of the light I can rock it up and down, it’s not rocking smoothly on the grommets as it would if they damping it’s movement, it feels loose, I’m thinking of adding a couple of foam washers on top of the rubber grommets to damp the movement to combat vibration but before I do please could someone try theirs and let me know if it feels loose and “taps” , thanks Mark
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  2. Just went down to the garage and checked mine, the rear light does move but only by about 1/4" so I would say it's not all that loose.
  3. Black silicone was made for these type of problems!
  4. On mine it’s about the same amount of movement, surely the rubber grommets are there to stop it rattling on it’s mountings?, I’ll add some foam washers to the stack on mine just in case the rattling damages the rear light, thanks for looking.
  5. Animal! :)
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  6. I thought that was when you use chewing gum and a Sharpy pen?
  7. Ha, now what were those black chews called “Hobo’s”?, I’ll get some of those .
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  8. Black Jacks! They work well but attract starving dogs...
  9. B57F3D06-B0CC-46B3-85A1-9058B36572E6.jpeg Try as I might I couldn’t find any black jacks, so I had to resort to making some foam washers, anyway no more clattery rear light
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