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M900 Sprockets, Chain Length.

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Mark9, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. I’ve got a 96 link chain , 37 tooth rear sprocket , 15 tooth front sprocket at present, I also have a 40 tooth sprocket in the garage that I’m thinking of fitting to drop the gearing a bit, I’m not on dual carriageways very often so I don’t mind the cruising revs going up, there’s no way the 96 link chain will be long enough, has anyone got the same sprockets on their M900?, if so how many links chain did you need?, (I’m currently thinking 106 should be more than enough and I can cut it down if too long), thanks Mark.
  2. “Standard” is a 98 link chain with 39 tooth rear sprocket and 15 tooth front.

    It looks like you may get away with a 98 link chain but safer would be a 100 link: you can always get it shortened to 98 when it stretches.
  3. Thanks Darkness, looks as though a PO had been going for fuel economy or something, I’ll get a new chain ordered, cheers.

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